Surprise Rumarin and Adriel (SFW)

I was being…motivated? And doing what I said I’d do, and well. Those two are just too cute to not take a million pictures of! In my opinion.

No I don’t know what’s wrong in the last few…Adriel was smiling, though, I swear. He’s hard to get to smile for some reason. Anyway you interpret it, I thought those ones were pretty sweet.



  • syl

    See, I have NO IDEA how any of that alpha channel stuff works– I just know it exists– and I already know what will happen when I go back to watching GIMP videos, it will be another week or two before I do anything constructive.

    Right now I am trying hard as hell to finish the writing in this goddamn story–last Solitude installment finally– must NOT play with toys. If I'm feeling that frisky I need to go and change out ENBs.

    Marcus was just bothering me about the lace gloves from the Brigida dress- that's why I asked about the alpha, cause I thought you had just fiddled with that there. Pesky brat. He'll get his chance soon enough.

  • jumarbye 1

    I'm selfishly glad you made a lace cloak! 😛 As you know, I downloaded today – but I still don't have Skyrim back up…so no pics until I get it set up again (taking a break after all the file-eating that went on).

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