• Qewbix

    EH? How many smexy males do you have?! Lol Downloading this btw and was browsing through those pictures on Nexus. I have no patience to fiddle with posing like you do. They're looking good!

  • syl

    LOL Furb. You don't need to do pics for mods. We can do THAT.

    This is awesome!

    May bug you for source files later if you got 'em, on the diffuse.

  • syl

    Hate you?


    Redo texture mods for outdoors: done (Springtime!)
    Go through all clothing mods, say F it and install all of them: done
    Fix hdt donger and cookie mod: gods i hope done- don't wanna paint more penises
    Kill old ENB files, kill them with fire: done
    Peruse new ENB files: in progress
    Install new ENB files: nope
    Kill old poser mods: done
    Find new (WTF WTF what is wrong with ppl wow ok) poser mods: done (whew)
    Figure out how to add poser mods to Poser Hotkeys: hahaha in progress cry
    get NPC files straightened out: in progress

    Play Skyrim: hahaha

    So, no, ain't got time for hate.

    Maybe next week.

  • Syl


    Did I fix my setup?

    Did I do anything constructive once I sorted out the huge backlog of mods in my downloads folder?

    Did I edit the THREE finished installments I have, to make sure they're consistent with what's come before?


    I went and downloaded more mods.


  • syl


    I have been good and have not touched.

    Now that I've seen the textures in game I now know why you laughed. Woof.

    In other news Caffeine isn't too bad color-wise but I am having to lighten somewhat indoors. I will try a couple more less modded interiors before I decide. So far I've just been in custom homes.

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