So there were a few pics left out of my last mod mostly because they didn’t show anything pertinent. It seems like I can’t even post normal clothes without the hatebro brigade coming out. In a day I’ve have the word “trap” used in a detrimental way, and if you look now at the top you’ll see someone who’s excited for when my mod becomes “less gay” because he’s tired of “feminized male clothes”I deleted it finally because what the hell am I accomplishing.

Trigger Warning: Talking briefly ’bout a friend’s suicide

About two years ago a friend (and I’m going to say it this way because it hits me this hard every day) blew her brains out. She was a transwoman, and we all thought she was doing well. She passed very well, and she had a nice job and…well…You can have all the nice things in the world, but if you’re not happy on the inside, then, what is there to do?

So it really fucking tears me up when someone says “TRAP!” or when someone talks about the gender of clothing.  Or rather, the ACTIVE genderizing of clothing. Like we woman are purposely “feminizing” men’s clothing. I don’t even.

I can’t even.

So here’s Rei and Sabrael being sweet. I don’t guess it’s particularly respectful or meaningful, but I like them. I’m going to bed for a long, long while.