Sabrael’s modeling this one. Not because he’s a scoundrel, but he kind of reminds me of this tiny goth boy I knew in high school who was pretty chirpy and  adorable. He’s still tiny and young-looking and people can’t figure out why he’s carrying around a fake ID.

Anyway, I’m remaking an old, old armor that people ask about for some reason. It’s not going as well as I’d hoped (and I forgot to test like three items I just realized), and so there’s quite a lot to do in Blender. lol This project was holding me together and I was soooooooo optimistic about the end result. Nope!

It’s just a sort of rogue outfit that comes with quite an array of accessories including two belts, an armband with glowy potions (for emergencies), a spiky wristband and a lot more. It’s made using my personal body replacer so I imagine that would put some people off, but oh well. SoS is not a good candidate for this particular shape.

But here’s little Sabrael gettin’ he vogue on.