So I’ve been wanting to pick up a pencil again. Between Yue drawing Rei and then RoaringLight’s awesome poem/screen over on Nexus I figured I’d put more of an effort in. My technique for the last few years has been pyrography, which is wood burning. It was, oddly, an easier medium for me than any other. I guess I felt freer? I dunno. But to me wood is more forgiving than a pencil and paper is, so for a long time I just haven’t touched either. Plus having lost all trace of my previous works was more than a little disheartening. Not that they were good, but it sucks to lose them.

But then my hands shake, so I haven’t even been doing my burning, either, because it’s generally ill-advised to hold a soldering iron while your hand’s going nutso.

I said “fuck it”, though, and I took it easy and slow. This isn’t anything amazing, right? I’s just how I always drew him when I was an angsty teen.

Anyway here he is, mullethawk and all! Sorry for the quality. I don’t have a scanner :V