Random Aria Nude Set (Tasteful, but obvs NWS)

Aria was sitting tapping her foot in Skuldafn/Sovngarde for a long time, so I finally managed to get her out of there. She was pretty filthy, though, so she needed a bath, and, well, she’s not terribly shy. I switched to RYA ENB from Bleak, and the lighting works pretty well with her skin and body shape, and, honestly, naked dudes are pretty fab, but I really, really like nude, non-porny shots of women. Maybe more than naked dudes!

Anyway, here’s a few pics if you have similar leanings or just like Aria!


  • syl

    Oh very nice– is that based on one of Halo's skins? I do like how the subtle shimmer on the spec map looks. It's one of the fairer ones, right?

    Nice ENB for it, too.

    Also is it your own bodyslide or is it one of the standard bodies? I'm not good at telling which is what.

    I am going back to Snowfall Weathers for now, and am busily tinkering with its interior settings. It's still pretty dang orange inside, but outside (in between snowstorms) is so very lovely…

  • RefurbMadness

    Glad you like them 🙂

    Yes, she's using UNP Doll with Nuska's (…Nuska?) face normals from Real Girls and the UNP Fitness Body normals. The body itself is a UNP derivative I made myself in Blender. Mostly it just gives the breasts some gravity, and the range from 0-100 is small to properly voluptuous instead of just B-cup => perfectly proportional change to D-cup.

    I think I might wind up going back to Caffeine. RYA is nice, but it has an odd clarity to it I'm not terribly fond of. The house in these shots is supposed to be very dim and it loses a bit of its ~*~mystique~*~, even if it does play nicely with the subsurface. One day I'll learn about that stuff and I can make a preset that does what I want. Dreaming…

  • Elven H

    She is simply beautiful, I have always liked artistic depictions of nude men and women. Not in a way of sexual pleasure (but that's a plus I suppose depending on the situation hehe) but in a more beautiful free like show. The way men and woman's body's naturally are is a beautiful thing, many variations, each tell their own story of life. Maybe I'm looking too into it haha. Her body is petite, suple and just fabulous. Wonderful set Furb of your moon-skin beauty ;).

  • RefurbMadness

    Thank you both very much 🙂 I want to do more sets like these, ultimately, with all my characters.

    And Elvin, I think you're right on…if not with these pics than definitely on the subject of the human form 😀

  • Sym

    She is very pretty… i loved her story i’d buy the book… My mind wanders as the endless possibilities what happened in anvil, how arias’ and sedaves’ relationship develops, some great adventure raiding some drauger filled tomb. okay maybe i’m being a bit dramatic but i do think of them from time to time. thanks for that.

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