Baku’s Got a New Model and Is Fuzzy!

So I’ve been learning shell texturing, which is a lot of fun, as it’s flexible and allows for experimentation. This is the technique used for mods such as the Fusa Fusa Project, and Fur Armor Set, which gives meshes a 3D “fuzzy” appearance. Winterhorses was a prime candidate for experimenting with this because of the fantastic base textures. If you haven’t looked at Winterhorses, by the way, you really should. It’s very underappreciated, which surprised me.

All of the included horses (in my game) are now gloriously, three-dimensionally fuzzy, but of course I couldn’t stop there. Rei doesn’t have the full Winterhorse mod installed on his profile, so now Baku is pretty much unique, AND he’s fuzzy! Which, okay, doesn’t fit since we’re in the August-equivalent and even in a place like Skyrim, August isn’t frigid, but I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for the sake of pretty things lol

He needs scaling up, and if I want to be completely accurate, I need to change his eye color. I could go on an equine genetics lecture here but I’ll spare y’all the annoyance. But overall, I’m super happy  with my thick-furred buddy, even if his armor and saddles don’t fit anymore 😛 More pics after the jump…


  • RefurbMadness

    Innee just adorbs? I wanna make him real and snuggle with him at night. lol I got him scaled now to about the size of a Percheron, which is basically what he is in the stories, so now he's properly taller than Rei and able to haul things. Meanwhile Sabrael is happy to have high heels 😛

    I have to imagine bringing Baku to a place like Skyrim is breaking Rei more than just buying clothes, since a cold horse needs upwards of 15-20lbs of hay in extreme cold conditions to burn enough calories to stay warm efficiently. And that's hay, mind, not anything else. Horses are so wonderfully adaptable to cold, though, it's amazing. My Katie looooved the snow back when we used to actually get it, and it was always so fun to see her burst out of her stable all bouncing and wallowing in the fresh snow. She had a favorite bucket she played with and figured out she could scoop the snow into it, so she would spend ages finding snow to scoop up and then throw it everywhere.

    Well that's my horse story thanks for reading lol

  • Elven H

    He's so fluffy!

    Ah I just want to give him a big hug c:, I love it. You did an amazing job with the fluff Furb…now I'm thinking about big fluffy marshmallows…mmmmmm….

    On another note, Rei on Baku is an awesome sight. As far as I know I haven't seen anyone put so much effort into their four legged companion and posing them as such. I can't wait to see more of floofy Baku 😀 cuteness overload~

  • RefurbMadness

    Oh my god ME TOO! I think mine finds it mostly endearing and it makes birthday/Christmas shopping easy, but I think the rapidly shrinking amount of room for them is starting to bother him lol

  • jumarbye 1

    So adorable! There's nothing I can really add that hasn't already been said by the others, but I wanted to put my 2 cents out there, too 🙂

    On another note, that very first shot of Rei & Sabrael is super sexy for some reason…I mean they're dressed, they aren't smooching or anything (although they're being super sweet and holding hands) but, I dunno. Just is – just sayin' 🙂

  • RefurbMadness

    You'd be surprised how hay racks the hell up, especially with farriers, and especially in places that are routinely very cold and don't have ready access to it. Grain isn't as big a deal since you shouldn't be feeding your animal that much unless you like dealing with colic. Oats are okay as a treat. Pellets are usually just gonna be alfalfa and roughage squashed together. A horse like Baku can really mow it down, too, if it's cold. Percy – my neighbor's working Percheron – could go through a bale like it was nothing after working in the winter. Katie was a quarter horse and dainty even by those standards so in the winter she'd gradually nibble down about 15 pounds after working. Lucky for both of us my family grew Alfalfa so Katie ate for free and Percy got his nummies at a discount 😛

  • RefurbMadness

    Thank you Elvin 🙂 I am so super pleased with this since it's shown me really how flexible that is.

    I really wish I could take more shots like that, but lately my camera has not been pleased with it. At. All. On my Snaefax post I'd tried to take pictures of him in motion, but I destroyed the save doing so because the camera got stuck in a really bizarre way, and nothing I did could reset it. Same thing happened here, but I've never had this issue before, and I've taken plenty of horse action shots. Oh well. First step is to refit Baku's armor anyway ;P

  • Elven H

    Have you been using tfc 1? That's quite bizzar, but I have seen posts on the nexus with people messing up their skyre's using it…good ol 32 bit skyrim lel. Do you have any camera related mods also? I think that could mess with the scripting and make the camera go all spaghetti, I had this problem in oblivion but it didn't mess up my save, however the camera would get stuck everytime I loaded the save and I would have to draw then sheath my weapon so it could reset but I loved the camera mod too much to discard it so I kinda just live with it haha. That's all I can really think of that could possibly be karate chopping your save, I would also suggest cleaning up your save with some of the save game cleaners (I'm sure you probably have it but if not I can direct you to them :D). Hope that assists you somehow Furb c:

    On another note, I can't wait to see Baku in his new fitted horse armor 😀

  • RefurbMadness

    Nah my saves are pristine otherwise and there's like three layers of redundancy in my MO setup so nothing ever gets forever-hosed 😛

    But now that you mention it I am using that SKSE plugin that adds hotkeys while tfc/1 is active. You linked me to it and I can't remember what it's called lol But that's the only camera mod I have, AND it's the only thing significant that's changed in that arena between Rei's last mounted shots and when I tried to take screens of Snaefax.

    Experiment time, I guess…although dang lol Thanks for the guidance and reminder :3

  • Elven H

    Really, I've never had any problems with that camera tweak. Maybe a quick take out and load might fix the problem, then you can just pop it back in your folder c:

    I'm here to assist as best I can furb 😀 I'm sure the camera insanity will sort itself 🙂

  • jumarbye 1

    I tend to feel kind of motherly towards Sabrael, dunno why, but I just wanna squeeze him and feed him brownies. Rei on the other, nothin' motherly about my feelings there. XD

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