Hey hey, so as usual this is more for my own sake trying to get things square, but if the info is useful to you, hooray!

Still in a weird place and kind of everywhere. I’ve got most of my requests done, only two remain – one just needs polish, the other needs to have one piece fully implemented.

Once those are finished I’m going to focus on my own mods for a while. Some have been asking after my replacer series and if there’s going to be more modular action. I really don’t know. Vanilla’s kinda burned me out a bit. So what I’m going to focus on is my Scoundrel’s Armor, get what needs to be fixed, fixed, and try to have it published by early May (good lord, is the year going by this quickly?).

I need to test it again, but I’m pretty sure I only need to fix the weighting on the secondary belt, and then make the NPC who’ll sell the pieces. Neat, huh?

Rei’s story is…coming along…It’s a slow chapter to write. Hopefully it’ll be better to read. Aria’s story is on hold only because Rei’s chapter is one where you have to buckle down and do it while the motivation is there or it’ll never get done. But she’s coming along, as well.

Somewhere in there I hope to actually play. I tend to get caught up in these loops of imagined deadlines and junk, and it’s only gotten worse since I’ve retired completely. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO NOT WORK.

In other news I just realized Ariel + Grand Magister = DAAAAAAYUM.

See y’all soon!