Mod Preview: Female(!) Sweater Dresses and Accessories (Aria Modelling, SFW)

So this was born of a related request by good friend Yueviathan. I don’t do enough female mods, honestly, and this seemed a perfect and natural choice, even though it took someone else to tell me to do it (albeit for men first). As per the usual it’s UNP-only, but as much as I absolutely loathe converting female armors, I’ll probably cave. CBBE is probably on the table because reasons. No promises.

The mod is pretty extensive, including cable and jersey knit fabrics, the latter of which coming in three patterns for dresses and two for legwarmers. And colors. Oh, the colors! There’s also a pair of stiletto platforms (modeled before by Adriel and others) in four colors, and some new ankle boots that tie shut with long, dangly ribbons! Those come in…seven? Seven colors. Also press-on finger- and toenails.

There’s a few things yet to be added. I’m going to stick with the vendor idea since Sedave taught me the valuable lesson that recipes are indeed for chumps and it’s far easier to go through the process of NPC creation and vendor set-up than making those god-forsaken things. And who wants to make sweater dresses, really?

Well. I do. Although to be fair my favorite thing was to crochet bikinis and halter tops. Can’t do that with knit! Well you can, but it’s not very comfy.

Yeah so anyway here’s Miss Aria!


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