Erelim Update – Ariel!

I’m a bit “meh” about the shots BUT I’m fairly pleased with the way the armor is progressing. I think the “meh” part is just me, though. They’re good and fine. Skyrim decided it didn’t want to load my overlays anymore though unless I zoomed the camera out five and a half miles, so it’s probably just me being salty about that. I’ve noticed it’s not a gigantic fan of the “big solid blocks of color” thing.

As to the mod, there’s more gem colors now, the gold is less retina-searing, there’s a circlet and earrings (currently only fitted to human heads. The earrings, I mean). I have a set of gems that are very dark and in design a bit like HAL, but I think they’ll need separate meshes because the glow for the regular ones is just not set high enough for something so dark. There’s also little decorative wingalings, but I messed up the armor forms so I’ll need to fix those before I can show anyone.

I did a bad job showcasing these changes, but after a few more tweaks it’ll be released and there’ll be lots and lots of pretty screens and the ability to make them yourself, of course. Meantime I do hope you’ll enjoy some more Ariel :3


  • syl

    Oh very very nice.

    Someone over here is grouching around about Thalmor dress code…hehehehe. But this stuff has Marcus written all over it.

    Speaking of which he says he's being good AND looking good today, if you want to have a look.

  • RefurbMadness

    Cyr might secretly like the dark amber gems I need to get glowing right. I can pretend, anyway 😛

    And Marcus IS looking good. Is there gonna be a part three? Are he and Sedave going to make a duet? It really tickles me how you've taken Sedave out on the town…and how he put a bird on it!

  • syl

    Hm? Oh, Cyrelian? I'll have to tell him it's some kind of Aldmeri ceremonial thing, that'll do it.

    Marcus says they've been friends, but not close friends for years now, and he mostly knows Sedave in his professional capacity. See, Sedave has a talent for…. well, you'll see.

    I may have to hire Sedave. His talents are going to waste in Riften.

    Also I think I may try to figure out how to patch him to put ALL your armor into his inventory so I no longer have to bugger around with it in my armor merge file, which is now so large additemmenu freaks right the hell out and crashes the game half the time due to running out of memory. Sedave can just mosey around with it until I need him and he won't cause any cell conflicts.

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