Hey everyone. Sorry for two posts close together, but I wanted to share because, well, it’s fuzz again. And we know how much I love fuzz! Cymbeline’s got a big ol’ horse friend named Suibhne (SIV-nuh, or “Sweeney” if you prefer the Anglicized version; I don’t think he’d mind lol) that you’ll meet in the third chapter of her story. I thought it was only fair that if Rei got his own special fuzzy horse and texture, Cymbeline should have one, too!

He’s too big, but it’s fun, nonetheless 😛 I do want to get in and adjust those armors to fit both him and Baku, as one of these pictures suffers for the clipping. Must just remember to clear my plate before dessert, though.

Erelim will be out very soon, by the by, and speaking of armor! There’s just a few textures I need to tweak, and I need to test the SoS version (there’s two versions). But yeah. That’s my immediate plan, plus an addition to the sweaters mod y’all will see eventually.

Anyway, enjoy Cymbeline and Suibhne!