Hey y’all. So because I found I couldn’t function without a computer I put my stuff back on the desk yesterday and I guess we’ll see if the curing process got ruined. lol Even if it is, the desk is nice and pretty, and that’s really all I care about.

So in this time period all my free time has been spent on Erelim. I’ve gotten some awesome feedback, and I also got some neat resources from Syl with regards to gemstone design. For now I decided to keep it simple using a technique I actually know and never use. I used it to make static jars for someone ages ago and that’s about it. I think I might add different styles as updates, but one step at a time.

I was really hoping to have this out by now but I think the extra wait will be worth it. And it will be a wait; originally it was all just texture swapping with what few meshes there were (Khaji’it/Orc earrings notwithstanding…lol I forgot about those…), now because of the gemstone technique, each color needs its own mesh. A pain. Extra disk space. Blah. But sometimes ya gotta sacrifice for the bling!

Here’s a couple of NifSkope screenshots – this is nowhere near ready for game testing, but I’m so proud and these are so pretty I had to share what I could. Right now these are just the armbands, the navel stud, and the circlets in whatever color I was fawning over at the moment 😛 It’s mostly all put-together, but i’m holding off on the new body design until I see it in motion. I think it looks kind of silly in T-pose. But I guess most things do lol

As soon as this is done, I have an update to the sweater dresses coming with a new style of dress and legwarmer colors/fabric. After that, requests will be open again, hopefully. I know some of you have been looking forward to that, BUT IT’S COMING I PROMISE. As always, if you have questions about it just shoot me a PM on Nexus.

Anyway, enjoy these shots and I’mma enjoy some rosemary/lemon shortbread ice cream!