Sparkles and Gemstones and Pearls

Hey y’all. So because I found I couldn’t function without a computer I put my stuff back on the desk yesterday and I guess we’ll see if the curing process got ruined. lol Even if it is, the desk is nice and pretty, and that’s really all I care about.

So in this time period all my free time has been spent on Erelim. I’ve gotten some awesome feedback, and I also got some neat resources from Syl with regards to gemstone design. For now I decided to keep it simple using a technique I actually know and never use. I used it to make static jars for someone ages ago and that’s about it. I think I might add different styles as updates, but one step at a time.

I was really hoping to have this out by now but I think the extra wait will be worth it. And it will be a wait; originally it was all just texture swapping with what few meshes there were (Khaji’it/Orc earrings notwithstanding…lol I forgot about those…), now because of the gemstone technique, each color needs its own mesh. A pain. Extra disk space. Blah. But sometimes ya gotta sacrifice for the bling!

Here’s a couple of NifSkope screenshots – this is nowhere near ready for game testing, but I’m so proud and these are so pretty I had to share what I could. Right now these are just the armbands, the navel stud, and the circlets in whatever color I was fawning over at the moment 😛 It’s mostly all put-together, but i’m holding off on the new body design until I see it in motion. I think it looks kind of silly in T-pose. But I guess most things do lol

As soon as this is done, I have an update to the sweater dresses coming with a new style of dress and legwarmer colors/fabric. After that, requests will be open again, hopefully. I know some of you have been looking forward to that, BUT IT’S COMING I PROMISE. As always, if you have questions about it just shoot me a PM on Nexus.

Anyway, enjoy these shots and I’mma enjoy some rosemary/lemon shortbread ice cream!


  • syl

    OH MY GOD they are so beautiful look at that granulation on the gold oh lord lord look at that peridot. And that.. i'ma call it pale sapphire.

    And ppl– I gave furb like THREE links for inspiration, I'm not gonna share my pintrest… might kill her.

    btw Furb Marcus says Sedave's very useful, you don't need him anymore, do you?

  • RefurbMadness

    Yay, so glad you like it 🙂 I'm happier with it just because now I can actually use proper gemstone names. So there's a citrine (that needs a touch more red in it), peridot, ruby, amethyst, and I thought I'd call the blue aquamarine. Hoping to get the pauldron metal to get with the program. That's the big thing. I might do away with the black, too. The sparkles don't really do it.

    Pinterist will in fact kill me. It's like heroin and this is why I don't have my own account lol

    Well just make sure he doesn't get bruised. lol

  • syl

    Well, I honestly think that the black had some promise in the finer-grained areas. If you choose to do a semi-precious/more opaque you might be happier with it.

    Oh and Marcus says that would be an outrage who would do such a thing nobody better hurt Sedave he's the only one who gets the eyeliner right.

    Sedave's probably the safest guy in Raven Rock right now. LOL. I'll probably get part 3 up this weekend.

  • jumarbye 1

    Gems. Lots of shiny gems. I've died and gone to heaven, right?

    Beautiful 🙂 And yeah, I think you oughta stay away from pinterest if you want to sleep ever again XD Lol.

  • RefurbMadness

    Well I hope I've just brought some to you and you're not dead lol I'm braving CK with all this tonight so we'll see how much closer we are! This will be a lot racier than the old one, too 😀

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