A Night Out (Adriel Photoset NWS)

It’s been a while since I’ve paid Adriel any attention. All of my characters, to be fair, but especially him. So after having to deal with Ancano’s nonsense and the weird Psijic guy who told him it was his fault for accidentally finding something he didn’t know was there and had no hand in its excavation, I felt he needed a night out in his nice clothes. And also some peeks inside a changing room because a guy can’t be expected to go club hopping in the same outfit, can he?

Disclaimer: He is wearing the male sweater dress, which, as some might remember, had a post of its own ages ago and preceded the female version. This will not be made available ever. They were ultimately made for someone else, so please don’t ask about their availability.

Anyway, here’s muh boy!


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