It’s Working!!! – Erelim Update (NWS)

Sorry I feel like I’ve been spamming but I’m so happy. Rei and Ariel are happy to model their outfits, especially now since they’re (slightly) more refined. There’s some structural tweaks that need to be made which are glaringly obvious in the close-ups of the loincloth frame, some color/transparency adjustments which you’ll be able to spot. But beyond that, here’s what’s left to do before release, in order:

Revamp sandal textures (the straps, at the very least)
Create Khajiit/Orc circlets (haven’t really got a good Argonian thing down)
Create earrings for above, plus elf races
Remake GO meshes with the new gems
Decide the black variant’s fate
General file cleanup
SoS conversion

I’m sorely, sorely tempted to make this femfeet only, but that would be a bit of a dick move, I think. I just really hate making that conversion, and that’s not really a good reason not to do it in the case of foot meshes. You know?

Anyway, if you have any ideas or things you’d like to see added or improved on, leave a comment! And I promise I’ll leave y’all alone for a little while lol


  • syl

    Ahhh! Look at those wings! And the jewels are to die for… I was wondering what you would do with the loin cloth and it looks great!

  • RefurbMadness

    Oh dear, I'd forgotten that maybe having their wings on was a bad idea lol No, those are Rei's, and Adriel's normal wings from Animated Featherd(sic) Wings. I don't know yet what I'm going to do with mine, if I might redesign them completely in a bit of an avante garde style or do away with them altogether. I'm putting those at the very end of the laundry list, though. Get everything organized because that folder is an unholy mess right now D:

    I'm glad you like the loincloth! Your ideas really helped, and I'm relieved it looks good in game – you have no idea how goofy it looks in Blender/NifSkope lol

  • syl

    I can’t wait to see it. Can I have the updated texture files when you get them done?

    Rei always looks more patient to me than Adriel— that can’t be, can it? Lol.

    Stuck here without computer for awhile longer, sigh.

  • jumarbye 1

    Damn the guys look great! I personally like it with the wings, even though they're not part of the set. So….just might have to download the wings too. I particularly like the red wings for Rei. He just looks so elegant.

  • RefurbMadness

    You definitely should, they're all very pretty. I used to take all sorts of shots with Rei and his wings, even though they're not a part of his "official" look.

    Ooh I have to do another with him with the wings and Sabrael being his better half. Hehehe…

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