Sabrael Has New Skin

Well after a power supply swap I offer you a consolation photoset in the absence of Aria 😛

I’m so picky about male skins. The smooth ones look like plastic, the rugged ones are too rugged. Vitruvia hits the sweet spot with me overall, but obviously it’s not ideal for every character. Sabrael, in spite of being pretty much the same age as Rei, is supposed to look younger. He’s had a tough life, but not quite on the same level as Rei, and it’s arguable that, since his humanoid form is something kin to a complicated glamour, it doesn’t show things like age or scars.

But again with the Ken Doll.

So I discovered Pretty Face, which, on the surface, is not generally something I’d look twice at, since it’s the sort of thing you see on actual younger boys. But I decided it was worth a look for Sabrael, at the very least, if not Adriel. For the body I sauntered over to SoS Fair Skin, figuring that while I really don’t care for the face textures, the body ones aren’t too bad.

As it turns out, I am glad I put aside my bitchy little prejudices, because while Adriel just does not work it, Sabrael is fabulous! He’s still not quite there, but this is a huge step in the right direction and makes up for a long period of doing nothing because I’m one of those people who just gives up on life after the first thing doesn’t work.

So here he is being his cute little seagoing self :3


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