Bonus Rei Ginsei Post!

Wanted to post at least a few of the more “hidden” of these to Nexus, you know, to spread the love, but it was one of those situations where I had the post ready and was like, naaaaaaaaaah…for reasons which are probably obvious.

Oh well. More Rei goodness for you. AND you can see the whole set! He’s checking out his new digs in Ebongrove. It is cool and good you should check it out, even if you’re like me and are going to leave the teleportation nonsense alone.


  • syl

    Ah… I do love Redoran Grove so much. I did try Ebongrove but I actually liked the light better in the older version, go figure.

    Isn't that bed the best?

  • RefurbMadness

    Yeah I normally don't go for other people's house mods but this one was just so pretty I had to try it. Rei likes it because Summerset banner options lol

    Went back to Snowfall, too, I'm liking interiors with ELFX. Dunno if Ebongrove is affected at all but vOv

  • syl

    I'm still trying to parse through all of Marmotte's stuff to see if I can get a clue on SSS. I still have no idea.

    Snowfall is something I'd still like to tweak to make it crisper on clear days and without any of that yellow-orange indoors. That moody effect you're after there is totally the opposite of what I need lol. So I end up sharpening it and blue-ing it after pulling the light values up.

    Nothing's an end-all be-all, I guess.

    That looks like regular Ebongrove to me, it's very ELFX'y even with no lighting mods, which is what I have right now.

    I have tried a new one which is pretty cool, Luminosity, but unfortunately it's not going to do for the screenshots. Kind of like a nice hybrid between RLS and ELFX and it seems to not be too taxing.

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