Update with Erelim and Pics (Zephyr!)

Hey y’all. I know this is the worst way to start something like this, but I just can’t seem to get right with this armor. There’s weirdness. It’ll get fixed, I’m just exhausted and discouraged in the way one gets when they’ve been working on something a long time and it’s kind of acting like soap and slipping away from you at every turn. So the color mismatch down there, I know about it and why and I’ll fix it. Not looking for suggestions, I know what needs to be done, I just gotta do it.

But everything is actually in-game. I just need to know how to implement it. What would y’all like to see? A chest hidden somewhere? A room like in my Cleric Armor mod? A vendor? Something new and interesting? Quests confuse me so maybe none of those lol I know there are people here who have told me they’re comment-shy, so if y’all want to PM me an idea you have, you certainly can.

And also Zephyr is back! He went on vacay to hang out with Hircine for a while and get he wolf on. So I wanted to get him all pose-y. Was hoping to get a lightning strike in those stormy pics but I’m just not quick enough lol.

So in short, I hope to be able to give Erelim to you guys next week. I know I said that before, but that was before the revamp and the gems and the form upon form…oy!

Aria’s revised chapter will be up later tonight or tomorrow. There’s like four paragraphs left. Also on my immediate to-do list is getting the GO meshes for Simple Outfits fixed. I need to go and fix ALL the GO meshes on ALL my mods, but I think that’s gonna be a perpetual WiP lol

I do ask your patience, though, if I slip. I’m in a bit of a limbo situation and have been getting mysteriously sicker and sicker since last Saturday which is why I’ve been mostly quiet, so what this weekend brings, I have no idea. Hopefully nothing, but. Y’know. Modding and writing keep my mind off it, so. Stuff will be happening!

Here’s Zephyr, y’all.


  • syl

    Looking good! and… that's a werewolf?!… hmmm.

    Do you have to get fancy with the GO meshes? Or are you just gonna? Cause you could always swap in some mesh that works for sure, right?

  • RefurbMadness

    He's a bitch, that much is certain!

    Yeah I'm just swapping meshes out between the non-working one and one of the ones from my Saturalia stuff which for some reason works while everything that's identical to it in terms of setup doesn't. It irks me because it's not nice and neat, but I guess this is what I gotta do for the time being.

  • jumarbye 1

    Been away for a little, but catching up.

    Hi Zephyr- great to see you again!

    He's looking fine, Furb. Well, you know, if it helps, work on something else for awhile and let the Back of Your Mind percolate a little….sometimes that's what we need to do. But sometimes, we think "this little bastard's not gonna get the best of me!" and that's okay, too. 😀 Er, at least, that's how it is for me XD

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