Issues with my mods on Nexus

Update: So Nexus is just being seven layers of stupid. I still would have liked a response, but what can ya do. The below still applies if you have issues or questions, however.

Certain mods of mine have had their comment sections hidden by the admins. I do not know why, and I am still waiting on a response to my query since I’m fairly certain I deserve an explanation as to why actions were taken on my mods.

Not all mods were affected, there is no common thread, I was never notified and had to find out on my own. I, myself, have not had action taken against me – at least, not at this time. But I just wanted to let you all know if you stumble on one that’s had its comments disabled, that was not my doing, and everything else is, as far as I know, fine.

To be clear: You CAN still download all my mods off Nexus, just in some cases you may not be able to leave comments. If you run into an issue with a mod, just PM me.

Meanwhile I’m going to take this as a sign I just need to finally take a deep breath and brave LL. I like LL as a lurker, but I’m terrified of uploading lol

Anyway. Just givin’ y’all a heads-up about what’s going on currently and what may happen in the near future.



  • RefurbMadness

    Well good to know it's been resolved, but yeah I did PM them and never got a response, so whether it's a bug or not, I really don't appreciate it. Every other time I've contacted them, I've been answered, and I even PMed a specific one that I talk to on occasion and got nothing. So yeah. I'm not happy with Nexus atm.

  • syl

    So this is weird– so far Eastern Body Art's the only one that I've seen that isn't right– and the entire Posts section is just missing, like it's not even there at all.

  • syl

    And.. Nexus says I've never downloaded Northstar Repose or the Animal Fat mod before today, and I'm pretty sure I have. Also– the Grand Magister's Rainment. I absolutely know I got that one; I have pictures of Erdi posted wearing it.

    Navel Piercings is locked but it looks like you locked it back when. Probably due to some asshat.

    That's page 2.

    I… do not think you will like the userbase on the lab. It's… yeah.

    Page 1– I am not seeing any locked comments for users. Some locked stickies which you posted, that's it.

  • RefurbMadness

    Yeah I'm starting to think maybe ESBA was done on purpose and the others were just weirdnesses? Because everything else is fine. I pretty much woke up yesterday to find a notfication from a familiar user that would never cause that much of a ruckus, but when I clicked on it to go to ESBA, I got that notification. Then I got the same thing a couple hours ago saying Syl commented on it, but still I got nothing. Oh well.

  • syl

    Actually I didn't comment purposefully on anything, I just opened the comment field to see if I could. So if I did, it'll probably be empty.

    Well, who knows really.

    I may be just a wee bit drunk.

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