Update: So Nexus is just being seven layers of stupid. I still would have liked a response, but what can ya do. The below still applies if you have issues or questions, however.

Certain mods of mine have had their comment sections hidden by the admins. I do not know why, and I am still waiting on a response to my query since I’m fairly certain I deserve an explanation as to why actions were taken on my mods.

Not all mods were affected, there is no common thread, I was never notified and had to find out on my own. I, myself, have not had action taken against me – at least, not at this time. But I just wanted to let you all know if you stumble on one that’s had its comments disabled, that was not my doing, and everything else is, as far as I know, fine.

To be clear: You CAN still download all my mods off Nexus, just in some cases you may not be able to leave comments. If you run into an issue with a mod, just PM me.

Meanwhile I’m going to take this as a sign I just need to finally take a deep breath and brave LL. I like LL as a lurker, but I’m terrified of uploading lol

Anyway. Just givin’ y’all a heads-up about what’s going on currently and what may happen in the near future.