Cymbeline’s New Outfit (very NWS)

So I’ve been crazy, and Erelim’s kicking me. I needed a distraction, and one of the things I like to do when one project gets my goat is to start a new project in the same medium, set a time limit, and see what I can come up with. It’s a good way to get my mind off the troublemaker, to shake up the neurons a bit since ya know they kinda go stale hyper-focusing. Sometimes I give myself a theme, sometimes I just have to reach into the ether and pull something out.

This time I gave myself 48 hours to complete two outfits, one for male, one for female. The female one I got right away; I wanted to make sexy lingerie made of rope for women. I got this completed in 3 non-consecutive hours, nearly perfect from blank canvas to working model, and it wound up being something for Cymbeline. It probably won’t see release because the method I used is very fragile and doesn’t take to weighting well, and I modeled it on my personal body which was the dumbest thing to do for conversion. In any case, this is what I’m showing you now, because I’m quite proud of it. It’s super revealing, but I don’t think it’s completely tacky. Maybe it is, I dunno, but I’m so super proud that I made both the top and the bottom each with one long continuous curve, which is difficult if your spatial skills are lacking like mine are.

The male outfit is actually going to be the monk robes replacer, and that will be released (it’s nothing like this, it’s actually inspired by a Dark Souls piece of armor). I’ll be sure to show you that, too, of course. You’ll love it.

But for now…

As for Erelim, basically all that needs to be done now are the environment maps for the opaque stones, and then testing for the earring/race stuff. Not much left and I can do it! Yes, yes, yes!


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