Cage (Rei Photoset)

Rei Ginsei is the only thing which draws a complete line through the majority of my life. I don’t know why. I made him my own. But this fictional character has been there when I need inspiration, when I get angry. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I could just touch him once. I know that makes me sound crazy, but I assure you, yes, I know there is no Rei. I just had this idea and wanted to try it.

I need to do the things I said I would. Sorry.



  • RefurbMadness

    Aw man, I didn't want to make anyone cry. Thank you, though. I wasn't terribly sure about posting it all. Weird attachments and stuff. I realized after your comment the extra weight of that song. I hope it didn't dig too deeply. I'm sorry if it did. /hugs

  • Yueviathan

    This is easily my favorite set of pictures you ever done. You know so well this emotion and showed it perfectly. This is at the heart of a creative mind. This feeling of just wanting to be there with them because they saved you so much been there when no one else was. Don't feel sorry for doing something so beautiful, you put visual to a voice a thought and feeling that is often the hardest to express. Thank you. Thank you <3

  • jumarbye 1

    This set is really emotional and so, so well done.

    You're not crazy – I've been there, have my own personal char I would like to become, if only for a little while, so I could meet some of the chars in my very private, personal story. You're just braver bc you're putting it out there for others to see.

    Anyway, I'd say you're more a creative genius than anything else. Your images didn't need words – earlier in the day, when I saw the single image on the Nexus, I knew immediately what you were depicting.

    And did I mention you're courageous? – one of the things I admire about you.

  • RefurbMadness

    Wow, J. I really appreciate that, and I'm not even really sure what to say, except that, honestly, I wouldn't have the courage to do this if it weren't for people like you and Syl and Yue and others that make me feel welcome and, well, comfortable in my skin.

    It makes me so happy that my message came across. It overwhelms me that it did, honestly. But I guess when you love a thing enough, it's hard to hide it πŸ™‚

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