I’m alive, it’s okay, I’m sorry!

I worried people. I see that and I’m sorry and I will get to y’all. I didn’t really have the luxury of waving goodbye. It had to be done, or probably bad things would happen in some way. Luckily I have people watching out who are persuasive and bribe me with imaginary ice cream so. I am back. And healthier. I’m not 100% chipper, but I’m in a much better place, and especially since things moved unusually quickly. June is a slow month for basket cases, I guess.

Anyway, yeah, I checked myself into the local psychiatric clinic because I was in a bad way – a bad enough way I was facing involuntary commitment if I didn’t do it. Pretty much I overhydrated again and caused my lithium saturation to crash (my doctor’s having me submit blood work once a month now), which started me cycling. But that is taken care of. As of this morning I’m at an ideal saturation. Now I just need to try again to not drink everything in sight.

But ya know there’s a lot of benefits to this sort of thing, if you’re fortunate enough to be ill in a place with a solid psychiatric care network. I got a LOT of writing done. All Rei and no Aria but…I figure y’all might be okay with that. So next chapter will be soon, depending on how easily I can read my chickenscratch and transcribe it. Also a pretty neat picture of Rei that’s closer to the style I used to use at the time. I’m actually trying an old technique in Photoshop to zhoosh it up.

Mod’s gonna be put up here soon. It’s one y’all’ve seen and one I’ve been meaning to post, but stuff kept happening I guess. Not Erelim, but something you might can use for kicks.

ANYWHO thank you to people checking in on me. Thank you to people talking sense.



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