Changes to Online Presence + New Mod Preview!

Hey guys! So I went somewhere this weekend and I learned some stuff that isn’t all that great. I don’t want to go into too much detail because it’s too heavy for me to cope with right now. But what I will say is that I am no longer posting mods on Nexus. I can’t deal with the stress, my tolerance for Nexus’ BS is too thin…I don’t want to be hosting mods there. This is the first step I am taking towards calmness and happiness.

I’M NOT SELF-BANNING. You can still reach me via PM, and I’ll still upload pics there from time to time.

Also, and I hate to say this because it’s been so long this way, but I can’t do requests anymore. It’s not a question of ability to perform a task (though it sort of is), it’s just that I don’t have the mental fortitude right now to engage in what is really a pretty delicate and stressful process. To those for whom I’ve made mods and such, this is not a slam on you! It’s just the nature of the beast, and I don’t have it in me.

I really don’t know of any time tables. At the moment I’m at the mercy of near-constant vertigo which is being managed via medication. So things I do are in short bursts and with an immobilized head some of the time. While the spread may not be very quick, what I do now is dictated by tolerance. So the things I do are things that are worthwhile to me on a personal level.

So what am I going to do now, exactly? I plan to keep writing as long as I can. I plan to keep modding as long as I can, and sharing what I make with you, if permissions allow (I’ll try to make sure they do).

And what a lovely segue into a mod you’ll be seeing in a couple of days! As soon as I got home today I put my nose to the grindstone and I fleshed this mod out and cleaned some stuff up, and here are some teaser shots! It’s utterly lore-unfriendly and won’t be up everyone’s alley. But if you’re old like I am and remember when it was dudes in crop-tops, you’ll be thrilled! Crop-tops, jeans, board shorts, fishnet, flipflops, leather…Lots and lots, and you’ll find out more very soon!

In the meantime, enjoy, and meet Zephyr’s new buddy Grinteeth by Thrwomp! He’s adorbs you should try him out.


  • jumarbye 1

    Awww, Grinteeth is so cute! And the clothes look great. They'd put a smile on anyone's face and make them feel all Cali beach party. Thanks for the preview! 🙂 <3 <3 Hugs 🙂

  • Yueviathan

    Do all you can to take care of yourself <3 You know I will support you and I'm not alone in this , so no worries ^_^. I love the fact you got your boys on vacation it so damn cute. You know I had to do that when I was stressing, some happy gaming that was I tell yah. And these clothes <3 <3 <3 Looks like I'll be on vacation again thanks to this up coming mod ^.~ Much love and you stay strong furbi.

  • Elven H

    I support your decision 100% Furb, if getting away from the nexus will help you with your current situation then its all for the better!. I can understand how difficult and stressful it is on the nexus (and the select few people there that I can imagine might be very bothersome right now). I hope you know (as I've always said) that we are here for you Furb and if you ever need an ear or someone to talk to then you can always reach out to me~. I really hope things get better Furb ♥

    On another note, I am absolutely in love with these shots 😀 the beach setting is so beautiful, and I can see a type of lens flare you have in a few of your shots, its a wonderful addition to the fun in the sun 😉 Sabrael and Rei are looking great in their beach wear too~

    The shots with Zephyr and Grinteeth are adorable and pure, really cute.

    ♥Lots of love and hugs Furbfurb♥

  • RefurbMadness

    Thanks a lot for your words Roaring <3 I know you're there for me and between you and others I'm sure I'll get to a more manageable place soon 🙂

    That lens flare is actually DMT ENB which is not set up properly lol But I do love how it frames shots like that with the sun overhead. These were just fun to take in general. I never really noticed that Zephyr is actually pretty swole…must be the "full moon fever" and the exercise 😛

    And then I took that picture with Rei's waistline hanging low and then I spaced and don't remember taking the others XD

    Loves and hugs right back <333

  • Qewbix

    Sucks your under the weather, but take all the time you need. Understandable about nexus… some are a judgmental lot at times. I can still post pics on your nexus mods sites or you going to take them down? Drac would love to keep posing for you. He's a sucker for ppl who need cheering up surprisingly >< Loving these pictures! Might have to give Grinteeth a try! Hugs! Don't push yourself! 🙂

  • syl

    Sorry you are having troubles. Not sorry you're choosing to not deal with the nexus, that is a lot of stress that you don't need. Especially during summer vacation time, good gods.

    Oh my, that is a cute orc with Zephyr.

    And– more stuff to play with? Shirts and half-shirts? Mmm. I know, I keep bothering you about the texture files and then don't do anything with 'em, but…

    Cute as hell hammock, too– may have to go house mod shopping again.

  • syl

    Oh, just the ones for this mod once it's done, no rush.

    I have rather a lot to do before I can get to it.

    Think I'll grab the island though, it's spiffy.

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