New Mod Download: Furb’s Casual Clothes – Beach, and Club

This would’ve been posted yesterday but crap happened. Good news though is my boy kitty Rex is doing fine after his sleepover at the vet’s!

Before we get going, though, a critical thinking question: If someone were to dunk a basketball from half-court, would that be a three or two point shot?

Furb’s Casual Clothes for SoS
~Beach and Club~


Along the coast of the Sea of Ghosts, just beside the Solitude Lighthouse is a Nord who goes by the name of “Sharky”. He was originally headed to the Abecean Sea, but got woefully turned around. Like. WOEFULLY. Now he’s run out of money, and all he can do is sell his worldly possessions – to wit, his chests upon chests of strange clothes that most certainly don’t belong anywhere. He’ll sell them to you for good prices, and he’ll even marry you if you think he’s cute! Guy’s gotta eat.

So if you couldn’t guess, this is a mod for non-lore-friendly clothing! Long-sleeved shirts, tank tops, crop tops, fishnet, T-shirt knit, cowry-shell necklaces, bracelets, shoes

This was born of a very small personal mod that I made because I wanted Rei to hang out in sheer/mesh shirts. And then, when I buckled down to get it ready to publish, well, it blew up! This is a silly mod, but it’s personal and mostly nostalgic

Here’s What You Get:

  • Tank Tops (ribbed, fishnet, sheer)
  • Long-Sleeved Shirts (fishnet, sheer)
  • Crop Tops (Skyrim hold symbols, Oblivion-style magicka school symbols, ES organization-related, pop culture, misc)
  • Blue Jeans
  • Cut-Offs
  • Leather Pants
  • Combat Boots
  • Beach Thongs (or flipflops if you prefer)
  • Vans Slip-Ons
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Power Bead Bracelets
  • Cowry Shell Necklace
  • Charm Anklet
  • Rope Anklet (texture really sucks, hang tight and I’ll get it right)

And maybe other things I’m forgetting! 

As mentioned, you can buy all these things from Sharky, who is indeed just a short hop from the Solitdue Lighthouse (console: cow Tamriel -13,31). You can marry him, as mentioned, but he’s not a follower. His voice type is compatible, however, if you have a mod that lets you recruit random NPC’s. He also does not have a bespoke skin, partially out of laziness, partially because I don’t want to set up a unique schlong just for one dude with his own skin. So his appearance in the screens will differ from your setup, most likely. In my screenshots he’s using SoS Fair Skin with the face normal from Pretty Face.

Schlongs of Skyrim – THIS IS NOT A SUGGESTION. You will crash on startup without this.
FemFeet Redesigned – Only needed if you use the FFR version of the mod.


  • This mod will conflict with anything that alters Wilderness cell -13,31/Solitude Lighthouse area. So probably not a huge risk.
  • The bracelets and anklets will almost assuredly cause slot conflicts with other modular armor mods. Nothing I can do about that; just gotta prioritize.

Known Issues

  • The little charm on the “charm anklets” deforms funny. I’m still not sure what bit is causing it.
  • There may or may not be hairline gaps at the ankles. I have an idea as to what it might be, just give me a couple days. 
  • On occasion the pants/shorts won’t appear when they’re equipped. It doesn’t happen often, but in the event that it does, just unequip, make a save, and reload.

Notes on Transparency
The following pieces in this mod have transparency enabled:

  • Cut-offs
  • Ripped jeans
  • Fishnet
  • Sheer shirts

Objects with a transparency layer are not happy with water or tattoos/overlays. Hopping into a body of water may cause a transparent item to disappear. Putting a transparent object over a tattoo may cause the tattoo to disappear/reappear, depending on camera/lighting angle.

This is a known thing that happens in general. I’m not entirely sure how to fix it, but I’m doing what I can to edumacate myself. I’ll let you all know when/if I find something that works.

Recommended Mods

VectorPlexus – SoS body meshes and framework
Leito86 – FemFeet Redesigned
Kalilies/Stealthic – KS Hairdos
LogRaam – The Eyes of Beauty


  • DO NOT republish this mod on any other site, including Steam and Nexus
  • PERMISSION IS NEEDED to use any individual assets for any other project. Ask permission by sending a PM to RefurbMadness on Nexus.
  • An exception to the latter two points is extended to members of to make conversions/use assets so long as any works are hosted on VP’s site only, and credit is given along with a link back to this post.

Furb’s Casual Clothes – Beach & Club
Furb’s Casual Clothes – Beach & Club – FemFeet Redesigned

I only took itemized shots of the “big” pieces. I also put them first because I maybe went overboard lol
















































  • syl

    Ahh, this'll be fun.

    Glad to hear your kitty is all right. I went and checked on mine just to be sure. The old man's still hanging in there.

  • RefurbMadness

    Aww good. All my fur friends are getting up there, but the girl cat and and the dog are both reverting to their youth so that's a bit of a handful.

    I just realized I forgot to upload the PSDs. I'll do that tomorrow for you.

  • syl

    Actually I just edited one and it was a snap, these are pretty simple, aren't they? I will take the psds though thank you!

    Let's go see if my edit worked…

  • jumarbye 1

    Hmmmm, I thought I commented last night, but I don't see anything, so….brain fart.

    These are so cute!! All of your guys look great (and Sabrael looks adorable <3<3). I keep downloading your stuff and saying "Maybe this will get me to playing skyrim again, but I must have been REALLY burnt out, bc every time I start setting it up, my eyes start crossing and my brain screams "NO!" So. It'll be a little longer yet. :/

  • RefurbMadness

    That totally happened to me the other day…I wonder if Google isn't just being dumb for the moment.

    And I totally feel you. I start to play and sit there for a few minutes and decide NOPE! Nobody knows more about loading down their games with my mods and never, ever playing with them than I do lol

  • syl

    I actually played for a few hours this weekend, novel concept I know. I found a new settlement building mod and Alfgar wouldn't leave me alone till I tried it.

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