Poll: Streaming?

Twice this week from separate people, the subject of livestreaming has come up, and it’s something I’ve thought of off and on for a while. Specifically streaming the work I do in Blender and Photoshop, and it’s been suggested that I stream “photoshoots” for my characters to maybe lend some insight into the process and help others with their own projects.

This would not be a typical setup with tip jars or anything. No subs, no rewards, no whatevers. There would likely not be a set-in-stone schedule, but I would of course announce things ahead of time because, let’s face it, I’m not doing super awesome cool things every time I’m in Blender. lol

The pros would be that there would be more interaction with me, directly, and I could potentially help others with questions about my process since it’s weird and bass ackwards. The cons would be that, while my speech therapy is coming on well, you may have to deal with a mild stutter and long pauses while I think of simple words.

I do not have a camera and will not be investing in one, but I will have voice.

So here’s a poll since I figure that might actually get me some feedback since there are regulars and such who don’t comment for personal reasons and maybe other reasons, I don’t know. The poll is anonymous, as well.

Depending on what happens, I would like to have a test run first, to see how it goes. I’d like to start with a hair project I’m doing, starting from scratch, since I know there’s people who wonder how all that happens. OR painting my deer skin for male “Avatars of Hircine” as Nuska labeled them in her resource folder. We’ll see.

But yeah. Check a box, lemme know!

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