Shower Time – Rei/Ondolemar Loosie (NWS)

I started a set with these two and it didn’t quite work out. There’s some good in there and maybe I’ll compile them all into a bigger thing, but for now I really, really liked this one and thought you might, too!



  • syl

    That's an interesting amount of noise in that image. I can never seem to make that look good, lol.

    Is that BD Hoodie I spy?

    Rei looks rather alarmed.

  • RefurbMadness

    Does he? He's pretty desperately unamused throughout this series…until he manages the *ahem* "upper hand". I wish the other pics were any good.

    'Tis BD Hoodie, indeed! A very ancient one. I should update, but the current one makes my eyes cross with everything that goes on with it.

  • syl

    Ah, that's too bad on the pics.

    Really? on Rei– I was wondering if he was missing his turn on the bottom, after that last episode.

    There is a lot of stuff for me to turn off on the latest version, for certain, but I think it works rather well. Doesn't need a separate file for the physics either. Really I need to make another schlong addon for different skin textures although I'm not looking forward to figuring that mess out.

  • RefurbMadness

    Rei will have his turn on the bottom, for sure; mostly what happened here was Ondolemar wanted a "roll in the hay" (his words, not mine) and SL decided Rei was dom. lol But you know how Rei is. Sabrael is one thing. Some short little authoritative punk is another…suffice it to say that the more I write about them the weirder it gets.

    I'll have to bite the bullet…I had to get it for a shark race I was trying, but with all the talk of beasts and futa and tentacles and sriracha I just kind of zonked and decided "new games only". lol But physics, you say? I must have zonked before I got to that part.

  • syl

    Yeah there was sack physics and that took care of a world of ills in some positions lol. It was a separate mod and the newer update bundled it in. You can hide the female .esp file that deals with the schlong assignment and that's one less issue to deal with in game. I think I'm using BD's female meshes and collisions and scripts and things because it seems to run pretty stable. I've had worse luck with the other female-bits mods. You can replace the female meshes with Bodyslide'd ones and it seems to work fine so long as they are UUNP.

    I have a lot of crap to do in-game and in CK. Have I gotten to it? Lol.

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