• syl

    I just put picture number three on the red shirt– I didn't have a burning need for Dr. Pepper, and the red isn't too far off if you knock opacity down a bit. I'm gonna have to check it in-game…

  • syl

    Hmm… this may be a Blender thing and not a GIMP thing. The image itself appears slightly rotated. I was dumb enough to close out of GIMP without saving the base image, haha, so the one shot that I got will have to do.

    https://imgur.com/vVjtYD6 proof of concept, at least.

    I think it would be better with the white flopped to black but that would mean a color change in the gems unless I desat.

  • RefurbMadness

    Yeah that's a UV mapping thing; it's ever-so-slightly off-kilter on the front. I tried to mitigate that a bit, but in the end it's usually just easier for me to work around it. I can send you the Photoshop document for that particular image, though, if you like. It'll make color preservation and whatnot easier. I may try my hand at one, as well, if that doesn't bother you.

  • syl

    Oh, not at all! Go for it. I think you'll have to ask yourself for permissions, though. Lol.

    I just thought those images looked SOOOO much like those extremely coveted late 80s t-shirts once the image started to flake off…

    And it is true that some of those very tshirts had that image-akimbo issue; I think I had one with Bono kind of drifting under my armpit. I guess the image itself could be rotated a little to see if it helped… hm. I wonder if putting it in nifskope to visualize it might help, just thought of that…

  • RefurbMadness

    Oh yeah, def use NifSkope to check your stuff. I'm always rotating and shifting and whatnot and that helps a ton.

    I always chalked the wonkiness of those shirts to being unlicensed; all the ones I had that were messed-up that way weren't legit lol

    Related: I got number 1 on a coffee mug. I will soon have a coffee mug with Rei on it. *squeals a little*

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