Streaming Trial Run 7/28

Hey guys, so I decided to go ahead and try it to see what happens. I plan to run this on Saturday, July 28, at 2pm CST.

12pm Pacific
3pm Eastern
7pm UTC

It was pretty difficult choosing a time; back in the day it was weird to find people working on a Saturday (let alone a Sunday – GASP!), and finding a time that didn’t make European times unreasonable was tough. So. And you know Saturday afternoons are when people do weird things like go outside. So I dunno. Anyone has any suggestions, comment or PM.

SO, the nitty-gritty…

  • I plan on half an hour. If it goes long it goes long, but half an hour is a safe bet for what I’m up to doing in the context of  what amounts to a weird, ad lib online performance.
  • This is just a trial. I do not know if this will be regular. A lot of things will figure that out.
  • I plan on probably continuing work on the Fox6000 conversions. If y’all have other ideas, let me know. I’m open to them. Playing. Screenshot-taking. Making a working loincloth thing. Whatever.
  • I plan on maybe three people actually showing up or making themselves known, so. I have no delusions of grandeur here lol

My name on Twitch is, surprise, RefurbMadness. So friend me if you want I guess? I still don’t really know how all this works. My husband watches LobosJr’s channel and that’s my experience with it. But more info to come, of course. ๐Ÿ˜€


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