Streaming Sesh Cancelled

Family issues and needing to somehow fetch stuff from my childhood that for some reason can’t just be shipped off to Goodwill. vOv

Will reschedule, though. In the meantime, meet a new friend I made on a walk. His name is Kaid the Cicada! Thanks to my better half for kneeling to take the pic šŸ˜›


  • syl

    Haha! I made a friend at work today, too. Not so pretty or benign. He crawled up my arm as I was in the middle of a very important (and tense) phone call. Then he went scuttling off into a file. Thankfully one of my coworkers heard my shrieks and arrived with a tupperware; Frank the cockroach was soon safely quarantined, and I could finish my phone call.

    Frank sat on my desk most of the day and then I took him around the building and people got selfies. I then gifted him (in his tupperware) to the cleaning staff. They were not as impressed.

  • jumarbye 1

    Syl! I can't believe "Frank" lived so long. I would have squashed him like, well, like a bug! XD Does that make me a terrible person? Squashing cockroaches and spiders (which smell really bad when you step on them, ugh!). I would just be doing my part to keep the cockroach population of the world from exploding! Lol.

    Anyway, the cicada looks friendly enough. The only time I ever got to see them alive was when I lived in Texas. Now all I ever see are their abandoned husks. But they're pretty okay, for bugs. I would never even squish one. šŸ™‚

    And no, I don't consider myself an evil animal murderer. The only bug type creatures I ever actually kill are cockroaches and spiders. Oh, and that one time a pack of caterpillars was trying to kill our pecan tree. (oh and bag worms, bc they'll just come back) (and maybe the odd grub worm or two in the lawn). Ummm, there was that one time I was tossing earthworms to the robins that were visiting my garden. OMG! I am an evil animal killer!!

  • RefurbMadness

    Aww I wouldn't say that! But earthworms DO aerate your soil šŸ˜› I'm pretty much okay with all creepy-crawlies so long as they're not roaches, spiders, mosquitoes or wasps. I have a rule: If they're outside, that's where they belong, and they get to live. They cross my threshold? It's huntin' season!

    It's really weird, I don't normally see cicadas, but this year I'm seeing them all over. I was lucky enough to see one actually shed its skin, and he was just hanging out while his wings dried, all bright green because his colors hadn't come in yet. I love cicadas. The heat of summer is more than made up for when I can sit on the porch in the early evening and listen to them sing šŸ™‚

  • jumarbye 1

    Well, I did feel bad about the earthworms bc they're good for the soil, as you say. But the robins were hopping so close to me! I wanted them to know I was friendly, so I figured tossing them their dinners was a good peace offering. And it worked – they hung around for awhile. Fun! šŸ™‚ Anyway, that particular garden had plenty of earthworms, so….

  • jumarbye 1

    Hmmmm, jumping spiders are friendly you say. Hmmmmm – anything that jumps at me scares the hell outta me, so, I'm afraid they would squashed if they came inside. I have to admit that I don't bother spiders outside bc they're eating insects that are bad for gardens. But when they're inside, they could….CRAWL ON YOU. Ugh! *shudder* Nowadays, though, the cats take care of any jumping critters, and I'm okay with that. Crickets (indoor) – ugh!

  • RefurbMadness

    Oh I hope you don't think I was judging you about the earthworms! Robins gotta eat too šŸ˜› I tend to leave birds alone unless they decide to say hi. Like this one little sparrow at a coffee shop we used to go to. Just landed right on the fence post we were sitting next to outside and went, "PEEP." in a very demanding way and would not leave. So I gave him part of my muffin. And then he PEEP!!!ed again so I gave him one more piece and told him that's all 'cause he was teeny. That little guy hung out until we left, hopping around my plate and peeping very insistently that I give him more muffin. I told him I was sorry but that was enough.

    And that's when the squirrel ran up into my lap, which is a lot more terrifying than it sounds. The animals at that place were quite accustomed to humans as you might guess lol

  • jumarbye 1

    No worries! You were just talking and I was just talking šŸ˜€ And earthworms, while necessary for gardens, are smelly little creatures. How a robin can stand to eat them, I don't know, but hey – to each his own! šŸ˜›

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