Fox Armor WiP, Pt. 2 (Rei + Sabrael, NWS)

So it continues. This isn’t all there is in this batch, outfit-wise, but it’s some of my favorite ones. Rei found something he liked, even, and he’s not really into the dresses thing. Although this one is one prurient thought away from exposing himself so maybe that’s what appeals to him. And you could argue for smoothness, but ya know what I likes what I likes.



  • syl

    Huh! I look forward to seeing it when it's done.

    Now I have to go shush some fretful git who's making comments about shoes. Patience, I said.

  • jumarbye 1

    LOL – I can see why Rei liked the one dress XD You're right, just a flick of the claw and PING! off flies the last piece of cloth between Rei and decency.

    Wonderful set of outfits! And Sabrael looks precious – he really needs to model as a side gig. They don't HAVE to rely on Rei earning coins as an adventurer πŸ˜›

    And did I read there are shoes? Ooooh….

  • RefurbMadness

    lol I saw that before I converted it and was like, "Well…" I think it turned out pretty okay, at least where Rei is concerned. He is asking me if I could make an exception regarding my "no scaling" rule with this mod, though. Size queen. πŸ˜›

    Oh, Sabrael. When I first made him I had no idea he would even be a follower, let alone Rei's mate. And now here he is rockin' the Lolita style lol

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