Adriel Loosie

Posting because, well, he’s adorbs and if I posted this on Nexus hoo boy…

And also this will be the last decent thing you see on this blog for a little while! So y’know I thought I’d inoculate you with some cuteness before Rei…does Rei. lol

Also there’s military drones flying super low over our house? So if this has to be the last thing I post before I get blown up, I’m cool with it. :V



  • jumarbye 1

    Well, he's very well-dressed (and cute as a button)! And I see he chose the College of Winterhold because he knew it would set off his outfit very nicely. 🙂 Wise choice, Adriel.

    On another note, hope the drone wasn't dropping bombs over there XD

  • RefurbMadness

    Only one and a half more batches to convert and time to share!

    My husband says it was probably practice sessions or something at TSTC but I dunno. They do government stuff, too, but I can't say as I've ever seen a damn drone. Loud-ass things.

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