Welcome home!

Hey everyone, looks like I got things working! Ish! furbs.blog, do you like that? I thought it was cute. lol

So this is it, my new place. The migration from Blogger to BlueHost went very well, all things considered, much better than it did when I went round-and-round with WordPress-The-Host. Thanks to Syl for recommending it, and I totally recommend it to others looking to host stuff. WordPress will absolutely make you rip your hair out, but the BlueHost staff are super nice and the service is exceptional. So. Awesome.

A few buggaboos do exist, however:

    • For some reason Rei’s Luxurious Seduction set is the only one that shows a preview image. I’ve tried remedying that with the other posts, but to no real avail. But all the pics are still there, no worries! Figured it out, gonna be a long process to get going across the site though.
  • In the same vein, most – if not all – posts show 0 comments, but rest assured those are all intact, as well, in the case you should feel the need to go back to them for whatever reason.
  • All my tags are here, as well, but for the moment the search via drop-down is only showing a handful. I figure that will flesh itself out as I continue to post. So in the meantime, use the search box if you need to find something specific. Or ask me. I’ll point ya there.
  • Some thumbnailed images, no matter the size, are artifacted to hell and back. Clicking through to the full size gets rid of that and displays properly.

Purposeful Changes:

  • Comments will close on a post after about a month-and-a-half. This is to prevent comments going unnoticed, as I’ve had a few important ones slip through the cracks because they were posted on an arbitrary entry months after the fact. If you need something, my contact info is at the bottom of every page, in convenient link form!
  • I am using fancy new slideshow software. It allows for many, many things, among them several choices for the display of galleries. Right now I’m rather enamored with their actual literal slideshow, so when you go to a post with a photoset, you will see a single picture at first, which will slowly (admittedly a bit too slowly for my liking) fade to the next. There is a very clear option, however, to view thumbnails, which will give you a grid and the opportunity to scroll through larger images. If this is obnoxious, let me know and I’ll just switch over to the static grid.
  • On that note, I will be going through past posts as I’m able to bring them up to speed.

And I think that’s it! I hope you like the new digs, and let me know if you come across anything weird!



  • Judy

    Hey! Congrats on the new blog, Furb 🙂 I like the layout – lots! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for your pics and words and stuff 🙂

    • RefurbMadness

      What’s up? I have a spam detector and I think it’s being a bit aggressive if I don’t approve something, like, immediately. I’ll check it out.

  • Syl

    I am using Akismet and Cookies for Comments but I’m keeping an eye on it. I have a pretty low-traffic site (lol) so it’s sufficient for now.

    I am pretty sure that once I approve a commenter it keeps that person approved but I could be wrong…

    I also removed the need for the emails, I think after it had that infuriating error.

    • RefurbMadness

      Yeah I just went through and weeded out stuff I don’t need and which could cause headaches so you should be able to comment more freely now. Sorry about that.

  • Marmotte

    Hi Furb,

    Well, this new place looks great in my opinion.
    I like the header image. A nice style.
    your blog is pleasent to read and inviting.
    I know WordPress is a bit more “professional” than Blogger.
    So, you have probably made the right choice.

    Your original blog exists since how long?

    I like


    • RefurbMadness

      So glad you like the new place, Marmotte! I’m still tinkering with things; have to dust off my CSS to get a few things right; some colors just aren’t contrasted enough and I don’t have the easy option in the editor. Oh well. I’ll get there!

      Looks like my old blog lasted nearly a year; the first post was 14/10/17. Seems longer to me 😛

      And you’re welcome! I noticed you get the UUNP boots working, too! They look fantastic, and I really have to go give that kind stranger kudos and thanks since it’s helped me with similar issues on other armors.

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