Potentially Bogus Blocking Reports

Hey guys! So it goes without saying there’s a few things here and there that need work on a cosmetic level, but also on a coding level. I would very much like to know if any of you are having problems commenting, logging in, subscribing, etc. I use Akismet for spam and such and it’s kind of a dandelion, but I’ve got a beast of a security program that I think needs taming based on some bizarre reports of blocked activity originating from non-suspicious locations that are NOT proxies or VPNs. So if you’re having trouble with any form of interaction or trouble in general, email me at refurb@furbs.blog or PM on Nexus. Both links are at the bottom of this page for convenience. I normally wouldn’t say anything, but the places blocked were regulars on the old blog, so. Somethin’ is afoot.

Meanwhile short-terms plans are to get a page up that contains all my mod downloads so that if that’s all you’re here for, you won’t have to dig.

Um. I think that’s it. Hope to have you guys a nice, sweet (SFW even, maybe!) set of Ariel and Leo enjoying Luxurious Seduction for themselves later on, depending on things.


    • RefurbMadness

      No you’re cool, that’s established for certain. These were people attempting to subscribe. I mean I GUESS there’s a new cabal of phishers/etc in the Midwest, but I highly doubt it…or else they’re doing it in an incredibly stupid way. This is a friend’s project so I’m asking him why Nebraska is the new Sri Lanka.

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