Luxurious Seduction II: Ariel and Leonace (SFW)

Here we are with our two favorite angels cavorting about with the more “family-friendly” version of the outfit. Leo preferred the jacket on its own, but Ariel had quite a time picking a leotard that he could call his favorite. I think in the end, he declared himself a van Gogh fan :3 There’s a good number of pictures here, and I hope you enjoy them. Who should be next? Clavicus hasn’t seen much action in a while…




  • Syl

    So much squee.

    Leo’s got a lot of personality, doesn’t he? Made me laugh.

    Beautiful work! The colors are something else.

    And that picture of Ariel in the black lace– oof.

    • RefurbMadness

      Glad you liked it 🙂 Leo is fantabulous. I don’t know how I ever did without him.

      I’m gonna have to look into that slideshow/grid/whatever thing, though. I didn’t realize it’d stop scrolling at the damn page break. Learning plugins is haaaaaaaard.

      Edit: Fixed yay

  • jumarbye

    Excellent pics, Furb! Leo is really awesome – he’s just as cute as he can be 🙂

    And in these pics I could see Ariel’s expressions better (guess your blog has better image quality than the Nexus 😛 ), and could see his lovely smile.

    I’m with Syl – love the colors! plus all the other effects.

    • RefurbMadness

      Thanks J :3 I think probably what it was with Ariel was making a point to exaggerate his emotions and get him in decent lighting (and fixing it where I could). It’s one thing when he’s brooding in sepia tone 😛

      …I should make more brooding Ariel in sepia tone…le sigh…

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