A New Rumarin

So as bitched about, I ruined my Rumarin. As it turns out, all I apparently needed to do was rename the esp because that just makes a whole lotta sense why didn’t I think of that?

But ya know, I wanted to try my hand at him again. I wasn’t 100% on him. I like this new iteration better, although he has some areas that need improvement, too. Ultimately, though, what I think doesn’t matter. It’s what Adriel thinks. These shots (apart from the obvious test ones taken in the wild), pick up where Rumarin lost his head. So here we see, for the most part, New Rumarin wooing Adriel in Knox because I was taking shots for the Fox conversion when it happened lol

I think Adriel can cope. What do you think?


Once I’m sure “old” Rumarin is not broken for good, I will put both him and this new one up for download in case anyone wants one. This new one is using an SG hair which I think came from the Sims…I’m not sure how much I actually care. If EA wants to send me a DMCA over it then I’ll know I’m SOMEbody!

Really though what y’all ought to be lookin’ forward to is Cymbeline and Valgus. …Oh god I have shit to write still.


  • Anonymous

    Well, as usual Rumarin seems quite mischievous and he looks like this guy I used to know from Alberta who would have a similar gentle glow in the middle of a snowstorm and at a cool room temperature would be similarly runneled with sweat. (Well except he is much nicer and much better looking)

    Um. that spec map um yum


    • RefurbMadness

      It’s probably safe for you to log in; I think Akismet just had a momentary seizure. If you make a comment and it doesn’t show up in 24 hours it probably means I was kidnapped lol

      Glad you like NEW-marin (I’m so sorry for that). I’m still, after all this time, not sure how I feel about perpetually-sweaty people. I very light sheen, alright, but at some point it starts looking like everyone has a disorder. lol BUT with that said I’m with you on this one. It’s from SoS Fair Skin, and only he has it…everyone else gets a plain black one :V

  • jumarbye

    Well my memory is really awesome and….I don’t remember what the old Rumarin looked like. :\
    I’m sure he was really cute, though, if you made him 🙂

    But, this Rumarin is adorable, so that’s all that matters I guess 😀

    (As an aside, your blog is making me solve math equations to upload comments. I have to do math all day at work, so making my brain work on the weekend is a losing proposition. 😛 Just lettin’ you know. 😀 )

    • RefurbMadness

      I told it not to do that. I get a bunch of bogus registers from “men.vocating” and whatnot (don’t wanna know) so I put up a captcha on REGISTERS not comments. Theoretically. Oh well. Taken down.

      Sorry this blog is being such an ass. I’ve spent the morning wracking my brain over a layout that’s easy to read and not confusing since I’ve gotten complaints to that effect.

  • jumarbye

    No worries – not trying to sound like a grump. Just wanted you to know in case you didn’t. It’s all good now. 🙂

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