Mod Download – Interesting NPC Replacer – Rumarin

Okay so I scheduled this to be posted later but didn’t realize it was 24 hours time, so rather than make look like I yanked this for good I’m just posting it now. Sorry for the post so close to the last one.

Well I said I’d upload this, so I did. Old Rumarin didn’t make it, unfortunately. His head mesh has disappeared from the file for some reason, and I couldn’t find it in my CharGen folder. So let us pour out a fowty of Honningbrew for our dear Rumarin 1.0.

But instead, you can have 2.0! His changes are entirely cosmetic; nothing has been changed to his combat style/class, to his stats, his quest stuff, nothing. What you are getting here is a revamped character with different hair, facial features, and a unique outfit that comes from yours truly. I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into his outfit in terms of enchantments, but his original was nothing particularly special.

That’s about it, I guess.


Interesting NPC’s (load AFTER 3DNPCs.esp) – Nexus Download | Download

I’m not sure how greatly male texture sets affect each other, but his skin is made for SoS. Feel free to change it if you don’t use SoS/don’t want to fool with the tedium of getting a penis to match one single dude.

Download Here


If something is missing or if you have issues, please email me.


  • This is NOT to be used for monetary gain.
  • This is NOT to be uploaded elsewhere, in whole or in part.


This is best loaded BEFORE Rumarin has loaded in your game, which means you have not been within ~3-6 cells of his spawn point. Technically this shouldn’t matter, but NPC makeovers tend to work better when the game doesn’t already know what they look like.


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