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Square Peg (Rei Ginsei’s Saga vol. 2, ch. 9)

I know, I know, Aria. I’m having the worst time with her. But Rei’s been trucking along as he normally does. I realized I think I made “canon” blip in Tauryon’s monologue that will need to be fixed. Tauryon outranks Ondolemar, which I believe I’ve said before in this series? I’m not sure. But anyway he does, mostly because Ondolemar is an asshat. Partially because now Tauryon has a say in it, as you might imagine.

I wanted to get this up and out of the way because there’s going to be a super special screenshot set coming up featuring Aria and her two (current) beaus. You’ll love it. And ya know it’s best to follow not-so-cheery with cheery and not vice versa.

As mentioned before there’s mild bondage at play. Don’t play with cock cages if you’re not familiar with their workings, as they can pose a serious threat of personal injury to the wearer, and always take research from respected sources before trying kinky things in the bedroom (50 Shades is not a respectable resource just FYI). Spiked cages do actually exist and should NOT be used by anyone but the most advanced, educated, and trusting users, and even then, they’re usually best left alone, no matter how much your guy likes it.

Anywho, do enjoy!

Rei didn’t want to ride alone. He was too tired from the trauma, and he’d fallen asleep in the saddle enough times to know that bad things could happen. Somehow, using that argument and promising that he would spend the night with him in exchange, Rei convinced Ondolemar to let Sabrael ride with him. Vallinalda was kind enough to help transfer some of their load from Baku to Windy, and now as they rode the increasingly familiar path east, Rei was leaning forward against his kirin, while Ondolemar rode his grey horse ahead of them. Once again, the four Justiciars were on foot and walking around them, hauling packs of their own and guiding the two ponies loaded down with supplies.

“Don’t go to sleep, Rei,” he said.

Rei just shook his head.

“Think we’ll have to camp tonight?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “Maybe. The sun’s setting, and we’re not moving all that quickly.”

“I wish you didn’t have to sleep with Ondolemar.”

“I know, beauty. But you know I’ll be enjoying myself extra for you.”

Sabrael giggled.

“I don’t like whispering,” Ondolemar called back. “What’s going on?”

“I’m just trying to stay awake, Master,” Rei said. “Sabrael’s only making small talk.”

“You know, I can make small talk, too.”

“So make it,” Rei said. “I didn’t realize you were in the mood for conversation.”

“Well…I like the knowledge that I can join in.”

“The door’s always open.”


Rei moaned as the misery of tiredness grew. Thankfully, Sabrael could take the reins now, so there was that worry taken care of. On the other hand…

“Rei, wake up!” Sabrael said. “You’re gonna fall. And make me go to sleep, too.”


“Does the Demon need a nap?” Ondolemar asked on a subtle wave of laughter.

“You hurt him really bad,” Sabrael answered without any trace of hesitation, surprising Rei enough that he almost sat upright. “He’s tired.”

“Oh, you say that like he didn’t deserve it. I know he’s your bond and everything, but that doesn’t mean he’s a saint.”

“I know it doesn’t, sir, but-”

“Shh, beauty,” Rei hushed. “Nothing good will come of this.”

Rei felt his kirin’s dismay and his irritation – a fairly new emotion from him – and he pressed his face against his neck and held his head in a way he hoped was reassuring.

“Decided not to pursue?” Ondolemar called back again. “A wise decision. Perhaps you can teach the Demon there a few lessons in deference.”

Rei’s stomach seemed to collapse with Sabrael’s upset. “It’s alright, sweetheart,” he breathed. “I love you, and we’ll get through this.”

Sabrael nodded and sniffled, leaning his head against Rei’s. “You still haven’t told me about that thing in your pants,” he whispered, trying to sound playful.

“It’s a cock cage,” he answered. “It keeps me from getting hard and, theoretically, keeps me from having an orgasm, although that doesn’t always happen.”

Sabrael was terrified. “Why?”

“Because Ondolemar wants to be the only one with access,” he said, lowering his voice still further. “He doesn’t understand the nature of our bond, beauty. We will still have our time, and you will undoubtedly manage to get me off as you always do.”

His kirin only sighed, and his heart ached.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“I know.”

After a while, the snowline began to fade, and the party walked onto the tundra of Whiterun Hold. Rei looked up and could see the lights in the windows of Dragonsreach, looking down on them from its lofty position, silhouetted against the deepening night sky and tiny in the distance. He was stuck in a loop. Sabrael was actually angry, and the anger bled into him and made him regretful, which made Sabrael feel guilty, and which made him feel even guiltier for inflicting that on him on top of everything else.

“You’ll need to swim,” he said.

“I do. Really bad.”

“I’ll see that you can. I know that river isn’t ideal, but-”

“If you try, that’s all I ask. That’s all I’ve ever asked.”

Rei licked his lips. His insides were tearing themselves apart.

“I wish you didn’t  have to feel me right now, Rei,” he said. “I don’t want you to hurt. There’s just so much I want to say, but I’ll have to wait. I’ll have to wait until it’s my turn to sleep with my own mate.”

Rei took a shuddering breath and rested his forehead on Sabrael’s shoulder.

“Commander,” he heard Vallinalda from the other side of Windy.

“Yes, Lieutenant?” Ondolemar asked, almost cheerily.

“It’s getting late. Shall we seek room in the city, or would you prefer to move on to Riverwood?”

“The Demon isn’t fit to conduct his business, and you know Whiterun is off-limits to us as agreed by our dear Elenwen. Better to find a place to camp.”

“Very good, Sir.”

Ondolemar steered his horse off the path, and Sabrael steered Baku after him obediently. They found a place a good way off the road, and immediately the Justiciars began setting up their equipment. It seemed silly camping so close to civilization, but in the end Rei supposed it was for the best. He had told Balgruuf he had no stake in the war, after all.

“Ondolemar,” Rei called as he slid off Baku’s massive back, “Master, may I have a word?”

“Well of course you may when you ask so sweetly,” Ondolemar smiled. “What’s on your mind, Rei Ginsei?”

“Sabrael will need to swim. Would you allow him time at the river across the road?”

“Whatever for?” he asked. In the moonlight, Rei could see his features shift suspiciously.

“He’s a water elemental. If he doesn’t commune with it, he’ll get sick. He could die.”

Ondolemar’s eyes narrowed. “You didn’t say anything about this before. He’s a beast, isn’t he? A shapeshifter?”

“He is a shapeshifter, yes,” Rei nodded. “What does it matter? He’s my husband. It’s my duty to make sure that he’s kept well.”

“I assume you’ll wish to go with him?”

“Well I wish I had all the gold in the world.”

Ondolemar laughed quietly and ran his fingers through Rei’s hair while he thought. “Alright, here’s what we will do. Vallinalda will accompany Sabrael to the river at dawn before the others go to bathe. If you wish to join them, here’s what you must do: Every morning I pull myself off. I just can’t concentrate or start my day if I don’t come first thing. It’s a nuisance, really. It should go without saying that if you’re in my tent, you should be handling that, but in this case I’d like for you to use your mouth.”

“That’s all? Yes, of course.”

“I’ve never once come from oral sex.”

Rei blinked and tried not to laugh. “You’re how old?”

“Careful, Demon. I don’t let just anyone slobber on me, and those I have, have proved very disappointing. By the by, if those fangs of yours even brush me, you will rue the day.”

It could be arrogance, Rei thought, that assured him that he would certainly be the one to suck the irritating mer to completion, but he wasn’t sure about keeping his fangs away. Even Sabrael felt them brush against him every now and again. If Ondolemar was that particular, though…

He cringed as he thought of the green fire.

“Deal?” his master chirped.

He wasn’t very thick, Rei supposed. “Deal.”

“Now, Alarno is preparing dinner. I hope you’re not expecting anything even as elaborate as what we enjoyed in Morthal.”

“No, Master.”

“Lights-out in two hours. I will grant you that long with your bond, and after that, you’d best be in my tent before I am.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you.”

Ondolemar smirked and ran a finger along Rei’s jaw before kissing him deeply. “Go on, now, if you value your time.”

Rei sighed and wobbled over to the place where Vallinalda was helping Sabrael set up the tent he’d rather have been sharing.

“I can take it from here, Vallinalda,” he said. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” she smiled.

“Ondolemar might-”

“Vallinalda! Leave them alone and come here.”

“-want to see you.”

She chuckled. “See you.”

Rei smiled softly after her and took over her spot, smoothing a pelt over the top of the domed structure. Sabrael was feeling very sad, sadder than Rei had ever felt him, even when he had been mistreating him at the hands of Vile.

“We have some time together before bed,” Rei said. “Ondolemar says that you and Vallinalda can go down to the river at dawn so you can swim. He said he’ll allow me to come along if…”

“If you suck him or something?” Sabrael muttered.


“Why do you do this, Rei?”

“Do what?”

“Find people to order you around.”

“I didn’t plan on this, Sabrael,” he said. “You have to believe me.”

“So why didn’t you just say no?” Sabrael said loudly. His voice cracked. “What would’ve happened if you’d just come out of that Ustengrav place and told him you weren’t interested?”


“Is it more important to you to belong to these people than it does to be with me?”

“No!” Rei snapped. “I got in over my head. That’s all.”

Sabrael looked at him from the side of his eye. Orange firelight pulsed over his back and the edges of his soft hair.

“Do you think I would rather be with Ondolemar than you?”

“You have that…that cage on you. You let him put it there.”

He nearly burned me to death,” Rei protested. “Would you have said no?”

“I guess I didn’t think about that,” Sabrael admitted. “I guess that’s where everything sits now, huh?”

“I guess it does.”

Sabrael finally turned to look at him. Rei hesitantly lifted his hand, and thankfully he felt something in Sabrael’s mood lift while his hand was taken and brought up to a pale, soft cheek.

“How do you still love me?” Rei asked quietly.

“Nothing will ever make me stop. You were right, though, those months ago, and I feel bad that ever since I showed up things have been really upset for you. If you were still with Clavicus, at least you could just go about your days as you always did.”

Rei shook his head. “Don’t say that, beauty.”

“It’s true, though, isn’t it? You might not have had your soul, but everything was predictable and quiet.”

“I guess so, but if that’s what I really wanted, I could have gotten rid of you from the start. I even told you to leave that very first night, do you remember?”

Sabrael nodded.

“But I couldn’t let you go. I still can’t, and I don’t want to. I swam in a stormy sea for you. I had every opportunity to choose Clavicus.”

“So you wouldn’t even change this?”

“No! Life isn’t great, Sabrael. Life isn’t great, and in many ways I’m having to learn how to live it again. If that’s what has to happen, then, I’d rather do it with you by my side. It’s me that should be apologizing to you, for not being what you wanted me to be. For dragging you into ordeal after ordeal.”

“I still won’t leave you,” Sabrael said. “I’m…I’m angry at you, but it’ll go away.”

Rei pulled his kirin close and was relieved to feel the embrace returned. “I don’t know what to do, Sabrael. I’m so sorry.”

“We’ll get through this, Rei. I promise we will.”

He stood there holding and being held by his kirin. His legs were weak, but he managed to stay upright, feeling his and Sabrael’s emotions winding down together. They were both still scared, but their tiff was smoothed over and they knew that they would soldier through whatever would come next.

“Dinner!” one of the soldiers, presumably the one called Alarno, called.

“I’m not very hungry,” Sabrael said softly. His hands had moved to rest on Rei’s chest.

“I’m not, either, but we both ought to eat something. Just wait here in the tent, alright?”

Sabrael offered him a weak smile and obeyed.

A small cauldron had been set up and heated over a large fire where a young elf hovered, ladling out thin, rather sickly liquid to the small group. Rei took one of the small wooden bowls that were set on a blanket on the ground and offered it. He couldn’t help the grimace as lumps splashed into the thin, yellowish broth.

“Get used to it,” the Justiciar smirked. “That tavern business earlier wasn’t the norm.”

“Is this how the Thalmor feed their soldiers?” Rei ventured to ask. “Watery cabbage soup?”

“This isn’t a war zone, and I’m not a cook. If I were on patrol with one of the mages it’d be tavern food all the way down, but I’m stuck now with you on this stupid mission, I want to sleep, and you’ll take what you’re given or go hungry. There’s hardtack over there.”

Rei turned and headed back towards his tent.

“What is this?” Sabrael asked.

“Boiled water with cabbage floating in it.”


“I like boiled cabbage, but I don’t think there’s anything in this to make it palatable. Here.”

“Is it a cookie?”

“It’s a dense cracker. Soldiers use it on long treks and campaigns. Keeps them going and doesn’t go bad very quickly.”

They sat on their fur pallet, half-heartedly sharing the “soup” and crunching into their hardtack. Rei figured he wouldn’t do well as a soldier. He knew hardtack was hearty enough that it wouldn’t let anyone starve, but he didn’t like it and had always found it difficult to force himself to eat anything he had even a mild distaste for.

When he returned after depositing the bowl and spoon into the small wash tub next to the fire, Rei returned to the tent and opened his arms hopefully.

“Oh, Rei,” Sabrael sighed as he pulled him close.

“We can’t lie down or I’ll fall asleep, but I’ll do whatever you want me to while we’re together.”

“I know I can’t swim until morning, but I want to transform for a while and give my mind a rest.”

“Is that why there’s nothing set up in here?”

“Yeah. Would you cuddle with me?”

“Of course, my beauty,” he said. “You don’t have to ask. But don’t let me fall asleep. Judging by the moons we only have about forty-five minutes.”

Sabrael nodded as he took off his clothes. In his natural form he took up the entire width of the tent, and that was with his tail curled around the perimeter. Rei took the huge equine head in his arms and held it to his chest, rubbing one ear. He was hurting and despairing, and it was beyond painful.

“It’ll be okay, sweetheart,” Rei soothed. “You said so, yourself.”

“I haven’t slept by myself in a long time, it seems like.”

“It’s just tonight. And I won’t be far away; you’ll feel me.”

Sabrael nodded and leaned his head against Rei.

“Do you still have my necklace?”

“Yeah. I’m gonna sleep with it on.”

Rei pressed his lips to the soft cheek and rested his forehead against it.

“What do you feel from me now?” he asked.

“That you love me,” Sabrael answered. “That you’re scared like me.”

“That makes you feel better.”

“Yeah, it does. I always feel like a scaredy cat, but knowing that you’re scared makes it seem like I’m not just making stuff up to be afraid of.”

“You’re not, beauty, and you’ve made so much progress in terms of bravery,” Rei said, scratching Sabrael’s ear. “We’ll share each other’s fear, and we’ll hold each other up against it.”

Sabrael shook his massive head and leaned it so hard against Rei that he nearly fell over.

“That’s right,” he said.

“I need to go, beauty,” Rei said, swallowing hard. “Ondolemar wants me in his tent before he gets there.”

“I wish you didn’t have to.”

 “I know, sweet boy. Vallinalda will wake you so you can at least play in the water before the others are up to bathe. Gods willing I’ll be allowed to join you.”

Sabrael snorted oddly. Rei took it as a sniffle.

“I’ll be right across the way.”

“Goodnight, Rei,” Sabrael said. “I love you.”

“I love you too. I know I’ve said this a lot today, but I am sorry.”

Sabrael nuzzled his neck before transforming back. They embraced properly, and Rei wondered who was holding onto whose hand the hardest as he left.

“You’re wearing my patience thin, Faelan,” Tauryon warned.

A Bosmer sat with his hands and ankles bound on the opposite side of the table. Rulindil may have preferred the soldiers do the dirty work – it made him seem less the “bad guy”, he said – but Tauryon liked to be close. That way, when his prisoner managed to push him towards violence, he would know that Tauryon wasn’t the pacifist he’d started out seeming.

“I’m telling you, I don’t know anything about a shrine!” the elf cried.

“You know we let you and the Khaji’it into our Dominion mostly out of a kindness,” he said. “I have no obligation to treat you as anything but what you are, and at this moment you’re behaving an awful lot like a traitor.”

“But I don’t know what you’re talking about! Honest!”

“There’s only one Bosmeri-style structure in all of Skyrim that we know of, hidden suspiciously away from any main road or landmark, and it just so happens that in one of the pods there’s a shrine to Talos that has been meticulously cared-for and regularly visited. It also just so happens that the only person in the vicinity capable of performing such a feat of gardening outside the Valenwood is a botanist by the name of Faelan Darkwood. You.”

The Bosmer was panicking. His chest heaved up and down.

“If you’re not going to come clean, I may have some cleaning that I can do for you. Shall I?”

“W-What do you mean?”

“Arnella,” he called, rising from his own chair. “The curtain, please.”

The soldier on duty stepped forward and drew back a curtain that revealed a small Bosmer woman, bound and standing in a large washtub.

“Do you know her?” Tauryon asked genially.

“Urael!” Faelan gasped. He leapt out of his chair, but, in a manner less violent than the one he’d used on Rei, Tauryon sent a blast of concentrated air at the elf.

“Look, but don’t touch!” Tauryon warned.

“She’s yelling, why can’t I hear her?”

“I silenced her, of course,” Tauryon laughed. “Can’t have a woman in hysterics while I’m trying to get a naughty little elf to tell the truth! Far too distracting.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I want the truth, Faelan,” Tauryon said slowly and quietly. “Why are those pods there, and why is there a shrine to Talos?”

“I don’t know, I don’t live there!”

“Oh? Who does?”

“I-I can’t say.”

Tauryon took a breath and looked down. “How familiar are you with alteration magicka, Faelan?” he asked.

“W-What do you mean? Why? What are you going to do?”

“Just a question. Alteration is one of the most versatile schools, did you know that?” As he spoke, Tauryon conjured a column of water between his hands and began to shape it into various things. A tree, a deer…”I can do almost anything I want.”

Faelan watched with enormous orange eyes as Tauryon formed a Dominion Eagle that he held out in the palm of his left hand, shimmering in the candlelight.

“It’s…It’s lovely,” Faelan said.

“Airand water share many characteristics,” Tauryon explained. “They ebb and flow and take on new forms to suit their surroundings. All it takes is an understanding to turn one into the other and to shape it.”

“I don’t understand, sir.”

“If you don’t answer my question, then I may have to help you understand.”

“I told you I don’t know!” Faelan cried again. “Please, don’t hurt Urael, please, not over this!”

“Well, I did warn you,” he said. He snapped his right arm back with his palm facing the female elf.

Air and water, brother and sister, some of the spells he’d first learned as a curious child. A violent deluge fell out of nowhere, consuming Urael in a column of solid water. She couldn’t open her eyes against the force of the downpour, and her lips were pressed tightly together, not having had the chance to take a breath.

“NO!” Faelan screamed, falling onto his face as he tried to bolt from his chair with bound feet. “No, stop, please, stop, not her, not my wife, please!”

With a sweeping motion of Tauryon’s hand, the water was gone, as if it had never been there, even that which had collected in the washtub. Urael hunched over and began coughing, heaving, and gasping for air. Tauryon felt a particular vitriol towards these types, and as his lip curled he walked over and kicked Faelan in the side hard enough that he felt a couple of ribs flex.

“Get up,” he spat. “Get up and get in that chair.”

The little Bosmer dragged and wiggled his way as best he could back to the chair, trying desperately to reclaim the breath Tauryon had taken from him with the metal-reinforced toe of his boot. Tauryon only watched with disgust, thinking on the traitorous mer and catfolk who’d thought to flee the old inquisition by hiding in Sentinel.

“Now,” he said as Faelan managed to pull himself up into the chair. “We will not be repeating this over and over, do you understand?”

Faelan nodded.

“If I don’t get the information I need – or if the information you give seems false – your wife will drown, and you will rot in prison. How old are you?”

“A hundred and twenty, sir,”

“You’ll have enough time, I suppose. Have I made myself perfectly clear, Faelan?”

“Yes, sir, yes, you have.”

“Good. Now tell me about that structure.”

Faelan swallowed and looked away, his lower lip trembling.

“Look at me, Faelan,” Tauryon said quietly.

“Th-there’s another,” he answered reluctantly.

“Another what?”

“Another Bosmer. His name is Validor Elmlock. He asked my wife and me if we would come to Skyrim to help him grow a small home, and we did, and that’s all we know!”

“It most certainly isn’t,” Tauryon said. “What are you and Urael still doing here? Why is there no trace of this Validor? You have one last chance.”

“W-Well the truth is we’re paid to tend the place.”

“Is that so?”

“That’s why we haven’t returned to the Valenwood. As for Validor, he…he doesn’t actually live there. We were captured because of our duties, but we didn’t know about any shrine! We don’t go inside; that’s not our business.”

“So Validor, he’s sympathetic to the Stormcloaks?” Tauryon asked.

“He’s…He’s sympathetic to people who wish to practice their religion if it doesn’t hurt anyone.”

“And you didn’t know the purpose of these buildings.”

“No, sir, I swear!”

“Where’s Validor?”

“He mostly stays in Cyrodiil,” Faelan answered with trembling breath. “I don’t know where. He only comes to visit his place here once in a while.”

“How do you feel about Talos?” Tauryon asked softly.

“I…I…I mean I know what the correct answer is, but-”

“People like you and your Validor, who feel that Talos’ place in the Tamrielic pantheon is benign, at worst, bear the blood on your hands of soldiers far braver than you who laid down their lives in defense of their people’s autonomy.”

Faelan shrank back in his chair as Tauryon rose.

“He’s lying about that shrine, but he’s told me enough. Send him to Skywatch, to be imprisoned indefinitely,” Tauryon said to the soldier waiting off to the side of the interrogation table. “As for her, keep her here. She will be Ondolemar’s.”

“Wh-I thought you would let us go!” Faelan cried. “You’re not even going to keep us together? Who’s Ondolemar?”

“We can’t have you relaying information, can we? As for Ondolemar: Never you mind,” Tauryon said, waving his right hand, resulting in the sudden sound of female cries to fill the room.

Once she realized she was able to make noise again, Urael stopped, stunned for a moment, before saying, “I deserve to know what’s to happen to me!”

“I daresay that would be a far greater cruelty. My ruling stands. Artenya, he addressed the third guard in the room, I know we’re stretched, thin, and I know Ondolemar isn’t at hand, but do what you must to get a proper scouting party by that structure. I want it under surveillance day and night, and every visitor arrested on sight. This sporadic nonsense has to stop; we can’t have luck bring us our quarry.”

“At once, Captain,” the soldier Artenya saluted and left while the two remaining soldiers took control of the loudly protesting prisoners.

Finally Tauryon trudged up the stairs from the interrogation chambers and into the common area of the Solar. Normally he would have simply left the embassy and gone home, but he was too tired. Too tired and too distraught. He found an open bottle of table wine and poured a goblet.

“Tauryon?” Rulindil’s voice called from his office. “Is that you still here?”

“I just finished the Darkwood interrogation,” he answered, walking in and sitting in one of the chairs across from his compatriot’s desk.

“Ah. I was wondering if you were still down there or if you’d just been especially stealthy leaving. How did it go?”

“We made progress, but you know how much Dominion prisoners take out of me.”

Rulindil nodded and raised his own goblet, saying quietly, “To Aicanath.”

“To my young man,” Tauryon sighed.

“It doesn’t normally hit you this hard, though.”

“This whole business with Ondolemar and Celedaen has me rattled, is all. I don’t know if I could handle something happening to Celedaen or Sabrael.”

Rulindil looked at him oddly.

“Well, he never knew, but I was deeply in love with him as a youth. I know, for all his faults, Ondolemar didn’t kill my husband on purpose, but you and I both know how he gets when he’s found himself a plaything.”

Rulindil took a deep breath and nodded, looking into the red liquid in his goblet.

“After centuries apart, to have him know of my love and to have his love, in return, even secondary to his husband…” he felt his throat tighten.

“It will be alright, Tauryon,” Rulindil assured him, looking a bit uncomfortable at the sudden outburst of emotion. “Celedaen will come back, and…and that other one…”

“Sabrael,” Tauryon sighed.

“Yes, right. They’ll be back. I promise.”

The night was long and restless. Rei was hoping the cage would be taken off as Ondolemar had his way, but it wasn’t. He’d lain on his back, naked, while is new master cooed words of superficial praise and rubbed a finger along the crease of his thigh, right where it met the cage. His cock was trying to get hard, but he was only met with lovely discomfort, which coaxed forth a few drops of precum from him. And then Ondolemar began to masturbate over him, his knees on either side of Rei’s waist. It was a gorgeous sight, that thin, long organ being rubbed and pulled. Rei began rubbing himself, too, where Ondolemar had been, desperate for some form of relief.

“I know you’re trying to get hard, precious,” Ondolemar had said. “I know you’re absolutely longing to come.”

“I’m very close,” he said.

“Even with the cage?”

“That’s how much I want you,” he answered.

“Ah, my love,” Ondolemar grinned. “You know just what to say. I’ll tell you what: If you manage to come before I do with that thing on, I’ll take it off and let you pleasure yourself properly.”

Rei moaned and moved his hands over that special joining of thighs and pelvis, and then a jolt in his nether regions signaled that Sabrael had felt his arousal and was pulling himself off.

“Ondolemar,” he groaned as his gentle strokes became intense clawing.

His cock wanted so desperately to be hard, and the binding was painful, sending even more maddening ribbons of pleasure through his limbs. He felt Sabrael’s fingers caress his head, rubbing the shaft. His kirin was about to explode.

But it wasn’t enough. Just as he reached the brink, Ondolemar’s eyes shut as he gasped quietly, hooking the tip of his tongue over his teeth and shooting rope after rope of impressively white come all over Rei’s body. That was it, though. As soon as the first jet hit his lips, he felt his own cock blow its load, and he cried out too loudly as he felt the weight of the cage twitch with him, making the very act of orgasm something beautifully painful.

“I’m impressed,” Ondolemar said, rubbing Rei’s side as his tool continued to dribble its seed onto Rei’s lower abdomen. “But I’m afraid too slow. Feel free to have another, though.”

Rei took the towel he was given and rather dejectedly cleaned himself off.

“Not in the mood?” his master asked, turning Rei over onto his side so that he could curl around his back. “You know, nobody’s come quite so hard wearing one of my cages.”


“No. Discomfort, you know. Half the time when it happens I think it’s accidental.”

“I love the pain,” he said honestly. His legs were beginning to ache.

“How about this?” Ondolemar said quietly.

Rei didn’t know where that dagger had come from, but he felt his toes curling preemptively out of fear and anticipation. He closed his eyes as his cock began to throb, and he felt the tip press into his flesh, right where the skin of his genitals joined with that of his left thigh. A long, shudder worked through him. His balls ached. He wanted more, he needed more. He wanted the blade pulled up the skin of his hip, but…

“Please, no,” he said.

“And why not? I can see you want it.”

“Sabrael can feel it. I know he already feels the confinement, I can’t have him subjected to this, too.”

“Oh, but of course,” Ondolemar sighed. “I have already made a number of concessions for that daedra you carry with you. Besides, it’s not just me that would be having fun, would it? You’ve had such a rough evening, Rei Ginsei. Let me give you the release I know you’ve been doing without.”

“To be honest, Master, I am very tired. I thank you for letting me come once tonight. I thank you for having mercy on me and healing me, and I thank you for your patience when it comes to my soulmate.”

Ondolemar pursed his lips, but he looked pleased. “I suppose Vile taught you a few good manners.”

“It’s nothing to do with manners or licking boot,” Rei said. “Genuinely, I am grateful for your graciousness in all this.”

“Well…” the officer said slowly. “We will find ways to handle this. Not tonight, though. Come, gorgeous, let us retire.”

And so Rei rolled onto his side and let Ondolemar form himself to his back. Rei wasn’t surprised to feel his master’s fingers begin rubbing him again, and he closed his eyes, thinking on Sabrael, feeling Sabrael, until he came once more. It wasn’t pleasurable. It was one of those that was just something that had to happen, like being stimulated to the edge and then left to finish with nothing. Not long after, he felt Ondolemar’s breathing slow and deepen.

He thought of how lovely it was when Vile would hold him just this way and how deeply they could sleep. He reluctantly took hold of Ondolemar’s hand and pulled it up to his chest to hold it there. The imaginary scents of patchouli and frankincense filled his head. It had to. His master had loved him. He had to. Oh, gods, how he needed to hold onto everything Vile had meant…

I’m so sorry, Master, he thought, swallowing against the lump in his throat. What I would give you have you back, to have you with me right now instead of this pointless, aimless creature.

He squinted his eyes shut and tried to let sleep overtake him.

Blue eyes in the darkness.

“Barbas?” he whispered.

“So you remember me,” the dog answered. “Do you know what you left me with?”


“A Prince with no power who stays in your realm curled up on your bed doing nothing but whining.”

“What am I supposed to do about it?” Rei asked. “I don’t have his power.”

“I just thought I’d come by to tell you you’ve made my life awfully inconvenient. I’d have more sympathy for his broken heart if he wasn’t always ordering me around for this or that.”

“But I can’t do anything about it!” Rei insisted.

“I know. You should also know there’s something jabbing you in the back.”

“Jabbing me?”

“In the back, yeah. Clean out your ears, Rei Ginsei, maybe you’ll hear somethin’ once in a while and you wouldn’t end up in these predicaments.”

Indeed, there was something very rigid poking him in the lower back.

“Barbas, can you tell him I’m sorry?” he asked.

“Maybe, maybe not. Take care of that poking, numbskull.”

Rei’s eyes shot open, and he saw faint blue light on the outside of the canvas tent wall. He heard movement outside and muffled talking, and he suddenly realized that Barbas was just part of a dream, and that poking was Ondolemar’s cock waiting to be sucked. Taking a deep breath, he registered that Ondolemar’s arm was still very heavily draped over him.

He carefully rolled over onto his other side. Ondolemar stirred, but not much else. Rei pressed his lips to his new master’s and worked his way down to his neck, which elicited a sleepy sigh. The younger elf let himself be rolled onto his back, and Rei felt his hand begin lazily stroking his back. Down he worked still, reaching his right hand down and sliding it over his master’s genitals. His sac was already quite tight, and that was a good sign if Rei was tasked with making Ondolemar come via methods that had never worked in all these years.

Finally, holding the base of the nicely-sized cock, Rei licked the underside of the head, from the point of attachment of the foreskin, up the “V” that gave it its shape, and over the tip.

“Mm,” Ondolemar moaned. “Didn’t have to wait for me to wake up. I like that. And I like that.”

Rei smiled and slipped the head into his mouth, extra careful to keep his fangs away. His tongue continued its massage, over the “V”, over the slit.

“Oh, by the Eight…How has nobody thought to just play with the head?”

“I’ve noticed a lot of people think it’s deep-throating or nothing,” Rei said.

“Well keep doing it. I don’t know if I’ll actually come this way, but it certainly feels divine.”

Rei obediently continued while Ondolemar dug his fingers into the fur pallet beneath them and pushed his hips up. He started sucking while he massaged him, and with one hand, he cupped the still-tightening balls.

Ondolemar squirmed and moaned, pressing his hips up further. Precum had been dribbling onto Rei’s tongue for the better part of a minute and a half.

Come on, come on, please…

After another minute, Ondolemar let loose a loud moan, and Rei tasted his bitter seed as it shot over and over into his mouth. He swallowed automatically and licked the hole clean before sucking the head once more as he pulled it from his mouth.

“Gods,” Ondolemar panted, “I thought I’d given you a challenge. I feel like I’m about to come again, you did me so well.”

“Oh yes?” Rei asked, seeing an opportunity to build his favor.

“You have no idea.”

Rei lowered himself again and took the softening member in his hand and slipped the head back into his mouth, sucking quickly.”

“Oh, good boy, yes!” Ondolemar gasped. “I’m so close, Rei Ginsei, I’m about to…oh, gods above!”

It was dry this time, and his cock wasn’t hard, but Rei felt it twitch so hard against his tongue, he had to drop his jaw to keep his fangs at a safe distance.

“Keep sucking,” his master ordered breathlessly.

Rei obeyed as Ondolemar’s tool hardened and blew a fresh load of his essence down Rei’s throat.

“Well that’s never happened before,” Ondolemar panted.

Rei chuckled proudly. “I learned some tricks.”

“I’ll say. Alright, my precious pet, you may go swim with your mate as I promised. In the meantime, I’m going to sleep a bit longer until it’s time for the others to wake up. Maybe pull it a couple more times if I get carried away remembering.”

Rei returned the deep kiss. “Thank you, Master,” he said, before shimmying down the pallet and out of the tent.

He looked toward the river where Sabrael and Vallinalda were on the bank, stripping down. The sadness he felt from his kirin made his heart hurt terribly, but soon…

“Sabrael!” he called as he gingerly ran with bare feet down the spiky grass and rocky ground.

“Rei!’ his kirin answered, nearly tripping over his lounge pants as he tried to run and free one foot at the same time. Rei fell to his knees to catch him. He didn’t want to to cry, certainly not in front of Vallinalda, but Sabrael’s tears and his feelings forced his own. “I missed you last night. I hardly slept at all.”

“I know, beauty, and I know…I know it was uncomfortable.”

Sabrael laughed once as he rubbed his arm over his eyes. “Well, that part I can’t complain about, except he was about to hurt you for real, wasn’t he?”

“I told him to stop for your sake,” Rei said. “He relented, but I’m not sure how to interpret his overall reaction.”

Sabrael looked down.

“I won’t let him hurt you, sweetheart,” Rei said. “I’ll try my very best.”



“You miss Clavicus real bad.”

“It’s only because if I have to have someone controlling me…”

Sabrael nodded.

“You’ll have me tonight, beauty. Come on, let’s get you into the water.”

His kirin smiled softly and kissed him hard. “I love you, Rei.”

“I love you, too.”

They walked back down to the riverbank. Where they stood was at a shallow part with rapid currents crashing into the rocks, but just beyond was a deeper spot that Sabrael would be better off in.

“Stand back,” Rei told Vallinalda as Sabrael became ethereal.

“By the Eight,” she said. “You know the people in my village talked about sea monsters. I didn’t think there were any.”

Sabrael chuckled quietly. “Will you swim with me, Rei?”

“Let me bathe, and then I’ll join you.”

Sabrael knocked his head hard against Rei’s, and Rei threw his arms around the thick neck. “Don’t be long?”

“I’ll be as quick as I can be.”

Rei smiled in spite of his mood as he watched Sabrael navigate the rocks until he could slide down the small waterfall into the deep part of the river where he immediately ducked below the surface.

“What an interesting creature,” Vallinalda said. “And beautiful. You can talk to him in that form?”

“You couldn’t hear him?”

She shook her head.

“I suppose it’s selective on his part. He’s telepathic.”


“Not to be rude, but, erm…”

“Right, right,” Vallinalda said quickly and holding up a hand. “My apologies, I’ll just be over here.”

Rei found a spot beside a boulder that kept his modesty as he relieved himself. He’d needed to urinate after he came the night before, but he didn’t dare say anything, and then there was the overnight build-up. He leaned his head against the rock as he emptied his bladder, wondering if he’d ever stop and if he’d ever had a piss so wonderful in its relief. It was a little strange feeling the device around his penis instead of holding himself properly.

Finally he rejoined Vallinalda by the river where she stood knee-deep in the quickly-moving water. She was certainly his type. Slight build, nice breasts just large enough to droop a bit with dark nipples. And the tone granted from years of training as a soldier didn’t hurt. He winced as the cage kept him at bay. One of the perks, he supposed.

“Would you mind if I borrowed your soap?” he asked when he reached her. “I guess in my excitement I forgot my own toiletries.”

“Of course,” she answered, “It’s just over there on that rock where I’m hoping it won’t slip and get lost. They don’t just hand those things out. You can use the cloth, too, if you like.”

“So you’re a risk-taker, hm?” Rei asked, as he took the basic animal fat soap and rough cloth.

“What? Oh, the soap,” she laughed. “I dunno about that. More like I consciously make bad decisions and then wonder why things go awry.”

“That’s interesting for a soldier.”

“Well, it’s only small things. Laying soap down on a slick rock. Leaving oatmeal in wooden bowls too long and having to scrub them without gouging the wood.”

Rei laughed quietly.

“What about you?”

“Me? I just make bad decisions, full stop,” he said. “It didn’t use to be that way, but…recent events have kind of put me adrift.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. And I’m sorry for Ondolemar. You’re a civilian; you don’t deserve the treatment he affords you. Like that cage.”

“Well to be fair I do rather like the cage.”

Vallinalda laughed. “Why? If I had a cock I wouldn’t like it caged up.”

“It’s an acquired taste, I guess,” Rei smirked. “If you like discomfort, you’d like the cage.”

“I have a bit of a high threshold for it, but it’s not what I’m hoping for when a man takes me home.”

Rei laughed.

They stood facing each other, and Rei took a step closer and put a hand on her cheek. He could sense her heart speeding, saw her cheeks darkening as she blushed. Slowly, their faces drew closer until, finally, their lips touched. Rei ran his other hand over Vallinalda’s shoulder and over her back.

“I really wish I could touch it,” she said. “I know probably every girl says this but I do like playing with a man’s equipment more than anything.”

“Oh? What do you like about it?”

“I just like the feel of it all. Soft, hard, trimmed, grown out. I give quite the handjob, I’m told. Ask any of the male soldiers with us,” she smirked.

“I’m almost positive you could get me off, and I’d love to let you try, but I really should get to Sabrael. I told you I make bad decisions.”

“I don’t guess it is very nice of you to kiss someone else and then wish they could play with your cock.”

“He wouldn’t mind that, but we haven’t been apart like this for a long time.”

“So…you’re saying we might have another moment?”

“I would hope so. At least, depending on how jealous Ondolemar is of me.”

Vallinalda chuckled and kissed him once more. “He has his moments. I imagine you’ll learn to read him quite well soon enough. Speaking of, I’ll just be up here like he wants. I told him I’d keep an eye on you two, but I won’t peek if you need some intimate time.”

“Thanks. And thanks again for all you’re doing for Sabrael.”

“My pleasure, entirely.”

Rei found his way down to the part of the river where Sabrael was still submerged. In spite of their last frolic, Rei was careful to keep the water below his waist.

When Sabrael emerged, Rei jumped nearly out of his skin. He was in his elfish form, and without saying a word, he wrapped his arms around Rei’s shoulders and kissed him hard when Rei bent to take his lips.

“You like Vallinalda,” he giggled playfully. It was an immense relief to feel the happiness, even if it was only covering up the despondency.

“So what if I do?” Rei grinned, pulling his kirin down on top of him onto the muddy bank.

So much for the bath… he though.

“I just thought you might. Something about her.”

“What if she agreed to all three of us?” Rei asked.

“Oh, no,” Sabrael answered. Rei felt a distinct twinge of distaste. “You can have the girls. I don’t like them that way.”

“Well that doesn’t matter now because I’ve got you right here all to myself, and I’ve been needing you since last night.”

Sabrael kissed him again and began working himself inside. “I’m sorry about the cage.”

“I know you know that you made me come last night.”

“I did?”

“Ondolemar certainly didn’t. I felt you getting hard, sweetheart. I felt you tugging that perfect cock of yours.”

“Ohh,” Sabrael moaned. He’d gained entrance and Rei sighed, pulling him close as the pain of his confinement intensified. “I know you hurt, Rei,” he said as he began thrusting.

“It’s perfect, beauty,” Rei assured him. “It doesn’t bother you too much, does it?”

“It makes it a bit, well, harder to get off, but it’s not too bad, I guess. I do wish sometimes I could last longer, after all.”

Rei smiled and hooked one leg around Sabrael’s small buttocks and reached down to rub that spot in the crook of his thigh.

“Oh, Rei, you’re so worked up!” Sabrael gasped. “The pain is bad, but I love feeling you enjoy it.”

“My sweet kirin, I’m so lucky to have one who understands.”

Sabrael pushed himself up to grab Rei’s hips and fuck him hard and quickly. He was having a more difficult time, but he seemed to be enjoying it, with his head leaned back and his nails digging into Rei’s skin.

“Dig your nails in harder,” Rei said, rubbing and scratching what skin he could around his genitals.

Sharp pain radiated around his hips and pubic mound, and he moaned deeply. The cage was squeezing him, his cock was trying so desperately to get hard, and it was marvelous. He could see through the shimmering magic just how purple the head was. Sabrael began to whimper, he felt his lover’s passion peak, and all at once he exploded, his eyes rolling back as the milky fluid passed through the barrier to paint his stomach.

“Oh, gods, Rei, hold me, hold me, please!”

Rei eagerly opened his arms and let Sabrael fall forward into them as he thrust just a few more times before Rei felt the little cock begin twitching hard inside him.

They lay together as the water washed over them, Rei kissing his kirin softly and stroking his hair.

“You came so hard,” Sabrael said. “Even though I felt the squeeze and saw you were really being restrained. I don’t guess I’ll understand.”

“It’s one of those things, I suppose. You know you didn’t spend very long in your natural form. We don’t have much longer.”

“I got my fill,” Sabrael assured him. “And I got to make love with you.”

Rei wasn’t sure why he felt the need to say it, but he did, anyway: “You do know the importance of the phrase ‘making love’?”

“Well, it’s what men and mer say when they’re close.”

“It what men and mer say when they’re intimate with the ones they love the most. I’ve said it dishonestly in my time, trying to get something I wanted, but at this time in my life, only you and Tauryon are the people I make love with, and you more than him. Everything else is just intimacy.”

“What if you and…you know…” Sabrael giggled quietly.

“It wouldn’t be making love then, either,” Rei grinned and kissed him. “It would be a nice, good fuck, and I hope you know that you’re welcome to a nice, good fuck, yourself, should it come up.”

Sabrael shrugged. “Tauryon was the only one I ever felt the desire to be with besides you. I guess Talen, but he seemed the monogamous type.”

“I’m just saying. This isn’t a one-sided thing.”

“Demon?” he heard Ondolemar calling cheerily. “Oh, where, oh where, is my come-swallowing harlot?”

“I guess that’s my cue to leave for now,” Rei said, sitting up and kissing Sabrael.

“That’s kind of gross when you put it that way.”

“Yes, well. Sex is a bit gross when you think about it.”

“I”m coming with you.”

Rei knew there was no saying “no”, and so he let his kirin launch out of the mud and back up to where he’d laid his clothes. He washed the mud  and aftermath off of himself as best as he could and climbed back up, himself, just in time for Ondolemar to greet him, followed by the other Justiciars, some already naked, some in casual clothing. Ondolemar had chosen nudity, probably to show off his erection more than anything. Sabrael walked up to them just as the mage slipped his arms around Rei’s waist and kissed his chest.

“You cruel thing,” he drawled, “sucking me off three times and then leaving like I said you could.”

“A promise is a promise,” Rei said.

“I suppose so,” Ondolemar sighed. Turning his head to Sabrael and turning so that Rei was farther away from him. “Hello.”

“Good morning, sir,” Sabrael said politely. Rei was both proud and uneasy at the lack of nervousness he was feeling. Sabrael held a seething hatred for Ondolemar, an emotion Rei hadn’t ever even thought possible from his peaceful little Kelpie.

“Did Rei Ginsei tell you why he was able to be with you?”

“Yes, sir. He said you’d let him as long as you did something for him.”

“And no ‘thank you, Ondolemar’? No ‘thank you, Commander’?”

Sabrael took a breath. Rei caught his eye sternly.

“Sorry, sir. Thank you, Ondolemar.”

“All’s forgiven. You are, after all, simply a daedra.”

“I just-”

Rei shook his head as subtly as he could.

“…Thank you.”

Ondolemar smiled insincerely and turned his attention back to Rei, who reached down and began stroking the long tool.

“Mm, what a good little Demon you are. I daresay we should take you out a bit to breathe, yes? I’m here after all. I can supervise. And if you like, we can show everyone here what a good, subservient pet you are.”

“Oh, gods, I’d love to make you come in front of them!”

The air on his cock after the magic container was dispelled felt brilliant. He couldn’t help reaching both hands down to rub himself and ease the itch of his circulation reaching its proper capacity.

“Goodness, you poor thing,” Ondolemar chuckled. “I suppose it has been a wh-”

Rei looked up nervously.

“You’ve come recently.”

“What? No. Not since last night.”

“Don’t you lie to me, Rei Ginsei,” Ondolemar growled. He ran a finger up the slit of his cock and tapped it with his thumb. The liquid he’d picked up was tacky.

“I put that cage on you so that you would be my property! I told you that it meant only I was allowed to play with you and make you come. I should’ve changed your design the instant you came so hard and so readily last night!”

Sabrael stepped back a bit as the mage pointed a finger at him.

“You, you little trollop. You know what the situation is here. How dare you defy my wishes?”

“Rei’s my husband!” Sabrael shouted. “It’s not my fault I fuck him good enough to make him come through that cage thing!”

Rei almost laughed at the sudden trash talk, but it would have been just as terrified as it would have been amused. Before the thought had properly passed through his mind, though, he saw Ondolemar raise his hand and swipe the back of it hard against Sabrael’s cheek. The pain and the anger and the sadness of his kirin filled him at once and combined with his own to throw all common sense to the wind.

“Don’t you touch him!” Rei shouted, pushing Ondolemar forward onto the ground. “Lay one more finger on him, and I swear to all the gods in all the pantheons of Nirn that I will rip your head off with my bare hands!”

“If you think you can, Demon,” Ondolemar said slowly, turning onto his back and conjuring a ball of green flame in his right hand.

“Do it,” he said. “If that’s my punishment for defending a creature half your size, then do it.”

Sabrael, whose face was already bruising, ran over to Rei to stand with him. Rei tried to push his husband behind him to no real avail; making him wonder if he could sometimes turn himself into soap when it suited him. “You’ll have to burn me, too. I won’t live without my Rei.”

Ondolemar put the flames out and pushed himself up off the ground. His blonde hair was disheveled and fell into his face, filled with burrs and grass. “I suppose you’re holding that particular card, Rei Ginsei. There would be no healing this time, and I would happily have let you both die. But then the others I suppose wouldn’t be thrilled. Tauryon would pitch an unholy fit, the stupid, sentimental git, and he still outranks me.”

“What are you talking about?” Rei asked.

“I suppose he never told you. Suffice it to say, he doesn’t like me terribly much, and frankly I wish I’d gotten him, too. But that is neither here nor there,” Ondolemar sighed. “I do hope you’ve enjoyed your momentary freedom, Rei Ginsei, because you’re getting a new model. One I’ve just come up with.”

In a second a new cock cage was on him, but this one bore a new sensation.

“Spikes?” Rei asked disbelievingly.

“Try coming around those, you masochistic little tramp. We’ll see how much pain you can tolerate.”

Ondolemar’s demeanor suddenly melted into a smile, and he kissed Rei’s lips sweetly. “Go get dressed, my precious. And don’t worry. So long as your husband doesn’t cross me, everything shall be just like one happy family.”

Sabrael hugged him tightly as they watched Ondolemar join the Justiciars in bathing.

“I’m proud of your bravery, beauty,” Rei said, “but please remember that discretion is the better part of valor.”

“He’s not gonna talk bad about us, Rei. I’m not gonna let him, and if you get punished for what I do, I’ll take the punishment, too.”

Rei sighed, and pulled his kirin closer, wondering if there was a way out. Any way.

The Well and the Lighthouse by Arcade Fire

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    • RefurbMadness

      I dunno, I’m still playing with your idea of Sabrael taking on that particular role lol

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  • jumarbye

    I’m with Syl – the day you let Tauryon and/or Rei rip that blonde asshole into shreds, make sure you describe it with. Loving. Detail. And make it last. A. Long. Time.

    There, I think my fury is under control.

    Of course the thing that makes this bearable is that Rei is enjoying some of it, Lol. What are we gonna do with him.

    And Sabrael! My oh my, he’s become a veritable lion! (Pssst, if you let Sabrael have the killing blow, I’ll send you a nickel! in the snail mail! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ )

    Anywho, great chapter! Got my emotions all riled up. πŸ™‚

    • RefurbMadness

      A nickel, eh? Hmmmm… πŸ˜›

      You know I just realized Ondolemar hasn’t done what any smart captor would do and take Rei’s nasty weapons :O

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    Well, having Sabrael stomp him into paste would certainly be enjoyable.

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