Rei’s Final Hairstyle

I had posted this on Nexus early this morning, and…things happened. Nothing malicious, nothing bad, and the person involved and I have worked things out and discussed our feelings about the matter. So I’m not simply posting this here as a “safe space”, I’m just kinda soured on Nexus, at the moment. I’m fragile right now, that’s all, and on alternating watch between my husband and mother because bad things happened. I’m trying to put a happy face on things. Sometimes I fail, and I’m sorry.

With that out of the way, I think I finally got Rei’s hair right in three dimensions! You’ve seen his Yoshitaka Amano hairstyle which is basically an abstract shape on a head, and it’s kind of up to the individual to figure it out. The mohawk was interesting, but it wasn’t him. And after looking at his character design for ages, I figured it out. It’s not a mullethawk, it’s a fauxhawk with a bit of a mullet tail!

This model took a long, long time, and there’s bits that aren’t perfect, but I think I’ve gotten it, and I think I can put that altered KS Hairdo’s Gantz in the chest for a bit, anyway. His hair DOES need to be a bit darker (it’s been corrected as best I can) because the ENB washes it out, but otherwise, I think it’s pretty okay, what do you think?


After this I hope to have Aria’s sexy little pictorial up. I’ve given up on finishing the current Fox conversion batch pictorials because stuff keeps getting in the way. That said, I’ll be starting on the final batch of the main collection very soon, followed by the few additional ones, if they look fun enough.

Probably look for all this next week as this one is filled with doctor’s appointments both here and abroad, plus a visit to the vet so Mister Rex can get his rabies shot so that he can visit the groomer to have the mats the LAST vet put into his fur shaved. He’s getting a lion cut. Yes you will get to see the little 14lb mister.

On that note, (this is gross, but it’s important) if you should have a medium-to-long-haired cat and they’re having issues with hydration (ie constipation), such that they need to see the vet, and such that they need to stay overnight and be given enema(s)? Ask the vet how your animal was cleaned up after they achieved their desired effects. If the answer is “we hosed them off”, you need to ask if they also dried and combed their coat, because if they don’t your sweetie will wind up with awful mats. My animals don’t see that vet anymore for this reason.

But Rex will look like a lion. Tee-hee.

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  • jumarbye

    Hunh, I sent you a PM yesterday but forgot all about commenting on the hair, lol!

    I like it!

    And on the subject of cats, my cats have short fur, so my only problems are the boy’s blocked up penis problems (sorry for the TMI!) and their general cussedness. 😀

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