So I wanted to do a few things with Tauryon. First, I want him to have a properly fitted, custom hair. Two of them; one to wear down, casually, and one in a ponytail with a nice velvet bow.

Well, I’m midway through the first one, so I thought I’d share the progress via this Blender screenshot. You can maybe see I’m also sculpting his face properly since I’ve got it in there and I may as well at least get his ears right since the sculpt tool in RM is…not wonderful. But probably not since there’s no actual lighting or shading going on. And he has no eyes. Or ageing effects. Or much of anything else.

Bear in mind this is the most minimal of texture work; I have only unwrapped the mesh, so it’s just a solid mass of hair. Tomorrow maybe I’ll start the process of actually painting the hair and adding the alpha channel so it’s not so thick, but you get the idea. Just thought I’d share! G’night.

5 thoughts on “An Old Mer Goes to the Salon

  1. Very interesting– I’d assume there’d be some transparency on those square ends to make them the individual locks of hair?


  2. Interesting to see how this is working. I’ve never delved into making textures, hair, any of that, so whenever you choose to post your progress, I’ll be watching with great interest. šŸ™‚

    1. Well it’s pretty much done šŸ˜› The (kind of) finished product is up now! Do hope you like it.

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