Gonna be sorta absent

So I’ve had a migraine since last Friday accompanied by near-constant vomiting so I’ve been in bed for the most part with my slippery infinity-screen newfangled phone as my connection to the outside world. There were times I managed to get up and do stuff, but a migraine that lasts this long and is accompanied by near-constant vomiting is not a good thing, so at the behest of my neurologist I’m checking in for a new MRI and an angiogram. I will be back…sometime. It’s Wednesday, so probably I’ll be back Friday or Saturday, depending on the swiftness of test results and getting the tests, to begin with.

Just keepin’ stuff up to date, y’know. I’m sure everything is fine, so don’t worry. Promises made will be fulfilled; I will have my gaming laptop with me and I will make sure I have the things I need. Don’t expect screens, though, I’m not getting Skyrim gussied up. I’m probably just gonna play ABZU and ride fishes and jump around with dolphins since it’s soothing and the colors aren’t so bright they overpower my sunglasses. But probably Aria and/or Rei will have a chapter up. Maybe.

Regardless, I’m reachable, if being reachable is important.

Take it easy y’all. I’ll be home soon and giving you porn or something. Actually Fox is almost done so there’s that :3



  • Qewbix

    No one likes migraines. Hope all goes well. Take the rest you need 🙂 We’ll still be here! Doing photoshoots and posting on your nexus pages lol

    • RefurbMadness

      First thing they did was shoot me up with dilaudid waaaaay too quickly.

      Some poor nursing grad is learning why you don’t just slam the plunger down on that stuff lol But I slept all day and that was nice. Apparently they did a CT scan with contrast (I thought MRI but I was wrong) and I don’t remember a thing. My husband was having to bribe me into doing things, allegedly.

      Aaaand I’m going back to sleep. So yes, good meds. Just delivered clumsily. lol

  • Syl


    He or she’s gonna be real popular with the crowd that drifts in around 2am then. At least until the preceptor catches up on that. Wooh.

    I was AMAZED when they filled my husband up with Toradol for some blood pressure incident a few years back. He was so much fun that the nursing staff kept coming around to chat. I still haven’t had the heart to tell him that’s not a narcotic. I should have them flag his chart– if they ever give him one, that somebody be mandated to come in and start filming. Cause it’ll be fun.

    Oh I got the miami vice set up for when you’re bored. Lol.

    • RefurbMadness

      I’m apparently pretty boring when I’m drugged. Just myself. Completely coherent. Just lacking any memory afterwards. The most interesting thing I ever did was explain torque curves to a friend while I was on morphine.

      OH! Once I apparently sang “Someplace That’s Green” at the top of my lungs and in a very bad way, such the nurses had to shut my door.

      But beyond those two things I just talk to people like normal. No juicy secrets from this boring old bitch! lol

  • jumarbye

    Hey, thanks for letting us know what’s going on.

    Well, if you have to have a CT scan or an MRI, might as well not remember it cuz those things are the opposite of fun 🙂

    Anyway, hope you get to do something halfway interesting while you’re in the hospital waiting around for them to do stuff, like I dunno, waking you up from a sound sleep to give you sleeping pills, or, umm, asking you if you’ve “voided” yet that day. Ha! Who comes up with that stuff!

    Take care of yourself – sending virtual hugs! 🙂

    • RefurbMadness

      Oh god. The bathroom question. I’ve never been asked in a regular hospital since often it’s been for procedures where I’d be unable to, to begin with, but my stays in psychiatric facilities…damn. Every day at 5am on the dot they’d come in, take my vitals, and ask that question. Once I was foolish enough to admit that I hadn’t the previous day, and it was nothing but prune juice all day long. My new rule is two days. If it’s just one, just lie. lol

      Thanks J, hugs right back, and have a good day 🙂 We get rain today maybe!

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