Gemstone Follower 3 – Peridot

Hey guys! So I guess my head trying to murder me is just A Thing I Have To Deal With. Thought everything was cool. lol no

So between doctors appointments and horrid things you don’t wanna know about, I worked a bit on the third of what I’m now calling my “gemstone followers”. This is Peridot. His mascara is clumpy. His eyeliner is messy. His makeup is smudged. He’s the only one I’ve given any thought to character to. One of those that just comes to you. He’s a moody, sometimes annoying, thief sort. Positive and outgoing one day, sullen and wanting to stay in the next.

Ugh. I have to give thought to actually finding voice actors, don’t I? It’s always better than just telling someone an NPC is a certain way and then just handing them “Oh, hello! Hey, watch it! Oh, hello!” Oh well. Cross that bridge. The followers themselves aren’t even complete. Hell I’m not even sure if Peridot is going to keep my Scoundrel outfit. But yeah we’ll see! Anywho, here’s Mister Peridot.



  • Qewbix

    Think I’m in love! You never cease to amaze me lol As for me, I’ve tried walkthroughs and still can’t seem to make my own followers ><

    • RefurbMadness

      Aw thank you 🙂 I always forget things when I make follower mods. I don’t know if I’ve ever made a 100% working one from start to finish in one go before. They’re tricky sometimes, for sure. D:

      • Qewbix

        I’ll have to set a whole day dedicated to that sometime. I’m determined to make Malys into a follower for my actual Dragonborn character lol

  • Syl

    Ugh, don’t remind me, I’m still fighting with that damn eye cubemap mipmap thing, wtf. Oh well, I guess if CK doesn’t crash outright every time and the follower actually spawns in and works, it should be all right.

    Marcus says the lip paint is to die for but uh. Uhhh huh. He and Sedave are whispering over there and I think they’re about to recommend an instructional video on the eyeliner thing and … Hello? Guys, we said that was on purpose! don’t be rude…

    They never listen.

    Anyways, I think Peridot looks just fine in green Scoundrel but then I’m partial anyways.

  • jumarbye

    Ooh! He’s a cutie, and I have to agree with Syl – love the green scoundrel armor on him (or anyone for that matter – wonderful armor!)

    Anyways, I didn’t use to like peridot – it’s my birthstone, but I always wished I’d been born in the month that gets rubies (July maybe?) But then one day I was in a real jewelry store (huh! how’d I get there? 😉 😛 ) and saw some gorgeous jewelry made from peridot, so I thought, hmm, maybe it’s pretty after all! I was just prejudiced against it bc, you know, a peridot isn’t a ruby.

    Anywho….I think you’ve got the green right in his coloring, and he looks so cute! And he’s a scoundrel (chick magnet)! So, what’s not to love? 😀

    • RefurbMadness

      Oh my god, when I discovered peridot and citrine I was like, screw this amethyst crap lol But I’ve come to love my birthstone again. I think I just love gems and shiny things…maybe that’s why I get distracted all the time 😛 I used to work in a natural history museum gift shop while I was in (under)grad schools and because rocks/gems/minerals my boss would always order fine jewelry, and oh, the peridot she would find! Covetous little me could only stand behind the counter, wishing I had just a little bit more of a discount lol

      Anyway I’m glad you like this fella 🙂 I was talking with a friend the other day and I said he reminded me of Sprite lol

      • jumarbye

        I guess birthstones are like hair – if you have straight hair, you wish it was curly, and vice versa if you’re born with curlilocks. 😀

  • Sym

    Like the outfit especially the fish net armbands. Peridot,,.. thought you were describing me for a minute but then i don’t wear makeup…then viewing the screenshot no not me he’s much better looking.

    • RefurbMadness

      Aww nah I bet you’re better than this guy 😀 I named him Peridot but the more I see him the more I feel like I should have named him Sprite or Sierra Mist lol

  • Sym

    I’m sure my last character would of enjoyed his company, I hope to turn her into a follower….. my ever growing list , I’ll never die got to much to do.

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