An Enchanting Reunion: Rei Ginsei and Tauryon Set (SFW)

I did this against my better judgment. I’m gonna be off after this for a while as – bleh – people have given me their germs. And I got a nice rattly cough that sounds ever-so-lovely. I’ll try not to die, I promise.

But anyway, I have a recording of the chamber choir I was in ages ago performing John Rutter’s rather popular arrangement of “Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind”, and I listened to it and thought oh, what a nice song for my nice little High Elf creeps. I couldn’t tell you why, it doesn’t actually fit, but. I dunno. But that fell apart. I couldn’t really get anything going. So instead I just took shots of them in random locations and, probably ’cause I’m under the weather I dropped hard into my “multi angle same pose” schtick (definitely why no sexy-sexy, sorry), but you know they fit a theme. This is Goma Pero Land 4, by the way (except the one obviously outside Windhelm which is a closeup of one I posted to Nexus). I found it kind of dreamy, kind of fun. Maybe you will, too!

Enjoy! I’m off to chug NyQuil.


Before I go, I want to point y’all to a mod called BluePrints over on VectorPlexus’ site. It was on Nexus for a little bit so you may have seen it there, but if you haven’t been able to give it a chance, you really ought to. Pair it with Standalone EFF Cosmetic Menu and you’ve gotcherself a follower, I tell ya whut. These two mods really made these shots possible, and took what would otherwise have been a nightmare of skeleton tweaks and SoS fuckery and made it incredibly simple. Just bear in mind that BluePrints is a work in progress. I ask you please don’t flood the author with demands and requests as he’s working things out. It’s just a baby mod, it needs help growing first. :3


  • Syl

    I need to take another look at the Hairstyler or something, would be nice to be able to re-assign hair. Probably it would be too much to try to add styles but I guess I could swap out some of the crappier and less-useful ones.

    I noticed the EFF mod loaded virtually none of my cosmetic mods and I’m not sure why– does it just come with its own, maybe? I will have to look at it and play with mod order/load order.

    Someday we will get a mod to swap hairs and eye colors and that will be spiffy.

    • RefurbMadness

      It worked well enough for me, but I didn’t pick through it since I didn’t really need to; Rei has his own mods for his crap so all I needed was scaling. But I did notice it did need a while to load stuff so maybe that’s it?

  • Yueviathan

    Dammit!, I was following the blueprint mod when it dropped on nexus, I knew it could be useful but wasn’t sure how it works or how well. Thank you, now I know to give it a try and muah <3 <3 3 these pictures are gorgeous. Hopefully, this comment goes threw.

    • RefurbMadness

      Muah, dahling <3 Just depends on what you're using it for. Right now if you don't have EFF or something in-depth like it I can see it being kinda underwhelming, but you know WiP etc. It's goin' places. For me, like, if I'm out to play with a follower I'd prefer to have that follower made by hand start to finish in its own mod, but where BluePrints is now it's perfect for screenshot sessions, and honestly that's all I want out of it, ya know? Rather than making a whole mod for a MO profile I don't actually play. Anywho. I think I missed you on Discord >.<

  • Syl

    For some reason the EFF thing just will not register all my tattoo etc mods.. and since I don’t care about scaling, guess I don’t need it!

    And Blueprints absolutely does NOT play well with Unique Character, probably because of how that mod messes with the file paths.

    But for quick group shots for most of my gang (who are all mostly different race/genders anyways) it will be great.

    Right now I am dealing with ENB non-loveliness, so glad to see you could get yours working well.

  • jumarbye

    Those are indeed very enchanting pics <3 <3 Love their location, and I have to confess that if someone could transport me to a magical world where I could sit on toadstools surrounded by a bamboo forest and fey decor, I would be so-o-o-o happy 🙂

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