So it’s been a while since my last Fox update. Part 5 will follow this pretty quickly, as it features Adriel, and combined that would be a lot of pics. After that, I may add more armors, and I will be doing a little polishing on what I have, and then it will be ready for release!

But I get ahead of myself. Do enjoy Sabrael being cute, won’t you? Also I thought I posted more of Sabrael’s modeling than I did so enjoy a lot of Sabrael being cute! lol


6 thoughts on “Fox Armor WiP, Pt. 4 (Sabrael Modeling, SFW)

    1. I forgot to post its counterpart, but I may have already posted the interesting ones of it on Nexus already lol

  1. I’ve discovered with your mods, I’ve gained a fascination with thigh high boots and socks. They just look so good on my male harem 🙂

  2. Ooh! I like it! And really, anything looks good on Sabrael & Rei, but these clothes suit Sabrael so well 🙂 Well done! <3 <3

    1. He’s got that playful/plucky vibe, I think, that lets him get away with a lot of things, even though he’s stockier than Adriel or Rei. And after recent occurrences it’s cool to see him in a new and different light; it gives things a bit more oomph. Since he’s not just the sweet little kelpie who needs Rei’s protection all the time 😉 But that’s just my two cents!

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