So I decided to make Ruby a guy because I want 3/3 and wanted Citrine + (blue gem not sapphire, damn you, Thieves Guild) to be chicks. I don’t see why Ruby has to be gendered! lol Anywho.

He’s melancholy and looks (to me) like Live Tyler in certain lights and angles somehow. Maybe that’s a plus, I dunno! I accidentally used the original female hair on him and not the one I refitted, hence the clipping in the back, but obviously that’s not a tough switch to make, He and Peridot both have that white nonsense around their irises and that’s due to either a spec map that’s too aggressive/not supposed to be there in conjunction with the sweeping environment map. I’ll get those fixed before all is said and done.

But for now, enjoy~


Fox has (I think) one bug to fix, and then I have to go and get consistent on what is armor and what is clothing or if it’s all clothing or what. I’m kinda leaning towards the latter since the things that COULD be armored are still very clothing-ish. Not to leave weapon-havers out, but y’know. Feedback welcome. Aiming to release next week. Have a good day y’all.

11 thoughts on “Gemstone Follower 4 – Ruby

  1. Son of a … I love him! Though always have been a fan of reds and blacks just like purples and blacks. Keep it up! Lol

    1. Those are for sure the top two can’t-lose combos 😛 Although I think maybe pink/black, yellow/black are my favorites. Between him and Tourmaline I can’t fall back on black as a contrasting color though. I feel like three is too much lol

  2. Wow, he looks amazingly (sexy and) devilish, so much attention to detail, just fantastic. The contrast of the red on black is a gorgeous color mix. 🙂

    The warpaint is really awesome, I like how you included the black tint on the lips. I think it goes hand in hand.

    Wonderful work Furb 😀

    1. Thanks, Roaring, I’m glad you like him! 🙂 I found this old brush pack that was “Tim Burton thorns” like you’d see in Nightmare Before Christmas and I was like “FACEPAINT!” lol

      I’m so glad you’re back, too, because I’m probably going to try to pick your brain on the last of these little gemstones 😛

  3. Liv Tyler, huh. My first thought was her dad (in younger days, of course). At any rate – love him! He’s such a nice contrast to the first two – gives the group some wonderful variety 🙂

    1. Haha Well I always thought she looked more like Steven than Bebe so I guess it’s somewhere in-between 😛 Glad you like him, and I like that feedback. I was wondering if he was too much of a deviation, but that’s cool. I don’t want them to ALL be Candyland residents lol

    1. His lashes need some re-jiggering so they’re not getting cut off by the mesh, although I’ve been playing with the notion of an eye mesh of my own.

      Glad you like the hair color. I’m still a bit eh about it. Not sure why though. Like it’s “there” but it’s missing a bit of that je ne sais quoi.

  4. It’s kind of hard to tell in those pics in particular due to the contrast, but have you thought about some kind of hair ornament?

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