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Ages ago Nuska released her abandoned assets, which I guess she removed at some point. She’s responsible for Ethereal Elven Overhaul and…Dagi-Raht? Is that the one? I can never keep those obscure things straight. In any case, that gives you a reference for the kind of goodies she bestowed upon us for a brief period. She’s largely responsible for my getting into this, and I will tell you why.

Among her assets, as you all may or may not know from owning these or from seeing what people have done with them, are her “Avatar of Hircine” bits and bobs. It is extremely bare, leaving a lot to people like me who wish to use it in the position of basically building it up with the bones of an incomplete and iffy skeleton. There are a lot of test images and meshes, some better than others, some clearly things she was just fucking around with and decided she didn’t like.

When I first saw this I was enthralled. I needed this. I needed deer people in my life. But quite a number of things held me back: My inexperience as a modder – up until this point I had built houses using premade meshes and was pretty much just a badass navmesher who worked for no real recognition, which people like. I had never retextured anything, let alone made anything in Blender; Blender was scary, and I wasn’t ready for it yet; and due to the first two points, a lot of what was in there didn’t make a whole lot of sense; also NioHigh Heels was not invented, and that was a necessity. I’m pretty sure HDT HH didn’t exist at the time, either.

So it sat. Nagging.

“But Furb, there’s deer races now!” I hear you say.

Yeah, there are, but they suck. I’m sorry, but they do. The more popular one actually has males (there were precious few male assets in that collection; they were being made, but it seems like she started them and quit early on), but they have no hooves. For real. Cervine chicks (parse that one) running around with hooves while their male counterparts were stomping around on people feet. The males also had no bespoke texture. They were pretty much just human dudes with antlers. The other deer mod I can think of off the top of my head I’m pretty sure isn’t a race as much as it is an outfit for chicks.

So fuck it. I’m good at Blender now, I’m decent with texturing. I am making a male deer race.

There were a number of blanks I had to fill in.

  • Textures. Body, hands, head. I believe the hooves and the tail had their own textures, but I’m not Nuska (who has a tablet), and there was no way I could get everything else to match.
  • Meshes. The were no bespoke male hooves. I had to remodel them to fit the male body. I also sculpted them a bit to give them kind of a…cowlick(?) kind of quality, and to make them seem shaggier in the mesh. The tail was unisex, but as I was resculpting stuff I made it kinda scruffy, too.
  • Model Space Normal Maps. I had never made these before, and what I’ve got now I’m not 100% happy with, but they match Skyrim’s protocol, and that’s what matters right now, plus the fact that I can make them in the first place, now.

That said, I wanted to share some of my progress. There is clearly some seam work that has to be done in the diffuse (msn is fine, although that may not be true for the head), the head is not done yet, nor is the penis…which I probably wouldn’t show you a picture of anyway because I’ll tell you what, some headless dude T-posin’ with a hard-on looks really weird. To me, anyway. Suffice it to say it’s just VectorPlexus’ regular just retexed. There’s some shimmery bits, and that’s just from the placeholder specular (sweat) map I’m using. I’ll probably just make it straight black for a flatter look.

Ummmm. I think that’s it. I have no idea if I’ll release it or if it’ll turn into one of those ones that’s so flawed that I couldn’t in good conscience (like Erelim I am so sorry about that). I have yet to master the art of adding races to SoS’s workings, so he may just have to run around in shorts all day, who knows. Regardless, this is early-stage work, so we’ve got a while ahead.

So yeah, here’s what I have, as taken from NifSkope:



  • Syl

    Adding races to SoS’s stuff is tricky, but if anyone did it, it may have been the person who did the Snow Elf race. I don’t know if he ever solved that problem. I looked at it and gave up pretty much immediately.

    Honestly I’d love to be able to Unique Character because otherwise I have to save one of the peen variants for the other skin texture. Irritating.

    The deer is looking incredible.

    • RefurbMadness

      Glad you like it, though I’m going to make another few passes to get the hair a bit more…organic, I guess. Not my best fur, but I wanted something to put on there so I could see what the normal would look like.

      Oh god. Having to change schlong textures for ONE DUDE is the biggest pain. In Rei’s game Sabrael is the only one allowed to have the muscular schlong lol I tore apart Blaze69’s shark race the other day and it’s certainly twisty-bendy. But I think the main things are the magic effect and a controller quest for the unique schlong. All the rest is just identifiers. So since SoS has to be a master anyway I’m just going to see if I can breadcrumb my way through. Won’t have been the first time lol

  • Syl

    There is a guide pdf but it made no sense to me. I thought of BD but then I realized that none of those schlongs are race-dependent, they’re just controlled by the percentages/assignment thingie.

  • jumarbye

    This is really cool! Deer men. Young bucks. Hmmm, like the sound of that πŸ™‚

    The hooves are looking great – and I agree that it’s just weird to have the guys running around with people feet while the gals have hooves.

    It’s actually all coming along very nicely, I just noticed the hooves first. Because they’re cool. I’ll bet they’d be able to kick the snot out of some enemy. Umm, maybe not. Maybe they’re nice deer men. But I can’t wait to find out πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

    • RefurbMadness

      Hehe I really hope I can get this working. It would be compatible with that other race mod, too, if people wanted girls since the girls on that one are pretty much complete.

      I’m glad you like what I’ve got so far πŸ™‚ And I suppose they could be nice or mean or whatever you like! πŸ˜›

      Yes I saw this comment earlier and it inspired the name of Tauryon’s pic lol

  • Roaringlight

    Wow, the deer mens is coming out fantastically Furb!

    I have to agree though, alot of the deer races that do exist mostly focus on the female aspect of the race so the males are just humans who decided to do some deer trimming and slapped em on haha~

    The only character I think I was able to build up with Nuska’s stuff was Hircine and he’s hiding away, haven’t had much drive to pick him up but I am definitely looking forward to seeing your wonderful Deer boy come to life <3 great work Furb!

    • RefurbMadness

      Thanks! πŸ˜€

      I can’t harsh on the people focusing on the female aspect too much in this respect. Normally I’d complain about laziness or repressed sexuality, but what needed to be done for the males is beyond the scope of a lot of people’s repertoire, and I can totally get not wanting to bother in this case.

      I would looooove to see your Hircine oh my god πŸ˜›

        • RefurbMadness

          What a handsome Prince πŸ˜€ Cymbeline best watch out if that’s what her patron saint looks like πŸ˜›

          (saint/prince/god, you pick lol)

          I do wish I could match Nuska’s texturing. The face looks much better in action than it does as a flat projection, although I would paint a black nose/lip split hehe

          I mean in general, I like the more human-esque nature of your Hircine. πŸ™‚

        • jumarbye

          Oooh, RL, I like your Hircine, too πŸ™‚ And Furb, if his Hircine and your Cymbeline would make for some fantastic shots :), but I guess that he’s probably some of what you lost when your PC crapped out, RL.

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