A Brief Summer Visit (Celedaen/Tauryon, NWS)

Hey! Was trying to take screenshots for Fox, but it wasn’t working out. Even so, I got a few cute shots of Celedaen and Tauryon. Probably safe to say this isn’t representative of their relationship being that neither one would admit their feelings, but I just wanted to put them together. Enjoy!

Ran into a few weird weighting issues I’m trying to resolve (or else just post and fix for an update since they’re relatively minor…except for one that straight needs rebuilding lol). This evening, for sure!

No, really!


  • Yueviathan

    I like how calming yet steamy this set is. Always love how you use colors <3 I'm glad they were able to make it, super excited for fox <3 <3 <3. Thow more hope the rest of your the day went alright. I'm still up @.@ and youtube is down. They done goofed, anyway all loves ^_^

    • RefurbMadness

      lol They done goofed. ~*~MeMoRiEs~*~

      Glad you liked the set, luv <3 Day was okay, tripping over myself to miss my own deadline though lol

  • jumarbye

    Love the pics! That last one, though – the colors are soft, the light is soft…very romantic and peaceful.

    Here’s hoping you’re doing well 🙂

    <3 <3 <3

    • RefurbMadness

      As well as I can be, thanks! 😛

      I hope to do more with them and I hope to do better with them. Man, I feel like I’ve lost my game lol

  • Syl

    2 and 4 are definitely my favorites, but I think that has a lot to do with Rei’s expressions. I love his not-quite-bitey face in 4, like he’s just about to get up to some mischief.

    Though the light in 2 is just fantastic, the way it just glazes everything.

    • RefurbMadness

      I wasn’t sure about 4 but I agree with you. I saw it as him having an ~*~idea~*~. My favorite’s always gonna be second from the last, though. Need to take more of these two. Little babby Tauryon is just too cute.

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