Mod Download: Fox Armors for Men

Because this apparently hasn’t been made clear enough:

This doesn’t use the SoS body. This will never use the SoS body. As stated below, this is a purposeful artistic choice, and I am standing by it. You are more than welcome to make your own changes, but I will not be entertaining requests for this mod. I say this below, but only a few “gloves” and shoes will work without the outfits. The rest will likely clip on the stock SoS body. This isn’t a bug. You don’t complain to Sony that your PS4 game doesn’t work on a Switch and call that an oversight, do you? Okay then.

Cool? Alright, let’s go.

Here it is, finally (the crack of dawn the next day counts as evening right?)! Conversions of fox6000’s ports for men! This is an imperfect mod. There’s some minor clipping and some minor weighting issues. Some outfits I had planned were removed because they require a rebuild. I’m hoping to include them in an update, as well as some improvements to those already implemented. So if something is stretching, I probably know about it.

If you have a guy who likes femmy things – for any reason! – this might be a useful thing to have in his wardrobe. There’s dresses, general femme clothing, and even some unisex outfits and a couple that are even a bit more masculine!

  • Contains 24 (hopefully 26 at some point) armors from the first 53 ports by fox6000. Should be compatible with all female versions (I use a BSA so in the event someone used the same basic texture path (which is possible), nothing is going to get lost). Outfits are labeled clearly so as to avoid confusion with existing female mods.
  • Outfits and bodies have been sculpted to maintain feminine lines while retaining masculine proportions. 0-1 on the weight scale is minimal, however 1 will look fairly stocky without any skeleton/bone alterations.
  • Most boots and gloves can be worn alone with the SoS body, so long as they’re low-cut and don’t climb too far up the calf/forearm. For my pants/shorts that are fitted to the SoS body, go here.
  • Some outfits are cloth, some are armored. Armored ones are the same as glass, and can be tempered.
  • Texture variants have been created or implemented if they were there but left unused in the original mod(s). Some textures improved, specifically in the case of the towel and athletic uniform. One of the athletic uniforms has the Baylor Bear on it with the catchphrase “sic ’em”. This outfit just reminded me of my track and field days and I couldn’t resist. Someone found it amusing, so I left it in!
  • Mesh variants were created. Some variants support SoS schlongification.
  • The shorts/pants/jeans from my beach and club mod have been refitted to work with the bottomless outfits.

In Solitude, find Radient Raiments, but don’t go inside. Instead, look to the side of the building facing the chopping block, where you will find a barrel marked “Rejected Designs”. One mer’s trash is another somebody’s treasure, right?

  • Schlongs of Skyrim (full) – Hard requirement (lol). You will crash without it.
  • XPMSE – Just a better skeleton than the stock SoS one. If you read my blog you’re probably already using this so w/e.
  • NiOverride High Heels – Not required, but a couple of shoes utilize its function.
  • FemFeet Redesigned – Technical (and hopefully temporary) requirement. Many of the shoes don’t show a lot of foot, so it shouldn’t be a huge problem if you don’t have it. In the meantime I am working on a high-poly vanilla-mapped foot that should be done soonish and will use that in a later update.

Anything that alters the area by Radient Raiments and the chopping block. There are a plethora of city overhaul mods for Solitude, I know, that make sweeping and dramatic changes to the general layout. I don’t use anything that alters exterior navmesh (rather, anything I haven’t made myself) so I have no idea what those would be. Feedback on this would be welcome.

  • Crashing on Bethesda video: SoS is not installed. Install SoS.
  • “Wasp waist” or other extreme shape changes on equip of body item: Your character either has a custom skeleton or has had bone scaling done in Racemenu that “conflicts” with the body shape. Simply readjust your scaling if this happens (and obviously change back when you’re done). Or throw it away and call me a bitch. I’m not the boss of you.

  • Inventory meshes are shiny. They came from the factory that way. The actual outfits are fine, however, which is why I didn’t go out of my way.
  • I sculpted a static, “prosthetic” penis to fill out certain panty styles where full coverage wasn’t aesthetically viable. It comes packed with the standard VectorPlexus texture; there are instructions just below on how to replace the texture with one of your own choosing.
  • Smooth body normal maps are best if you want to really go the dainty route. If you use a normal map that has obvious muscle definition, even if it’s not ripped, you’ll usually have veins down the arms which kinda takes away, in my opinion, but play with it!
  • If the shorts/jeans don’t show up when you equip them, exit the menu, pull it back up, the unequip/re-equip. Dunno why this happens.


You will need the following textures from your existing skin texture install

  • Diffuse map (the texture you see)
  • Normal map (ends in _msn)
  • Specular map (_s)
  • Subsurface map (_sk)

Make the following path in your Skyrim/Data folder (or appropriate MO mod folder):

Copy the above texture files, and then place them in the new folder you created. Et voila! Not the best way to run a railroad, but it’s the best I could do considering what I wanted to do and the various available skins.

General feedback, requests, bug reports, etc. can all be made in the comment section or via email or PM on Nexus. The links to the last two are at the very bottom of every page. If you leave a comment and it doesn’t post within a day, let me know via one of the other two means. DO NOT REPEATEDLY POST YOUR COMMENT. Your IP will get auto-blocked.

If there’s an outfit not included here, whether because I left it out or because I don’t have it, and you would like to see it here, send me a picture first. If I like it, I’ll see what I can do. If it’s one I don’t have, be prepared to provide a download link.

  • Please do not reupload this – in whole or in part, even as part of a new mod (followers, etc.) – to any other site. This includes (but is not limited to) Nexus and LoversLab.

fox6000 – Original ports and conversions for UNP and CBBE
VectorPlexus and Belisario – SoS body mesh, hand mesh, and framework
leito86 – Foot mesh

Fox Armors for Men v1.0

Outfits are organized by type. Model information is given in order to give you an idea as to fit and how bone scaling and skeletons can affect the look. Adriel gives the best shape for dresses, Sabrael the best for the general outfits. Rei, due to his skeleton and scaling, looks a lot skinnier than he usually does, and should not be considered representative of the fit most people will experience. However, he is a good example of the extreme end without possessing undesirable deformation.


General Femme Outfits

  • Model: Sabrael
  • Weight: 40
  • SoS Fair Skin
  • Plain XPMSE


Unisex Outfits

  • Model: Rei Ginsei
  • Weight: 60
  • Vitruvia
  • Custom skeleton + RaceMenu bone scaling


Thanks to everyone who wanted this and was patient. And thanks for downloading! I hope you like it and have fun with it.



      • Syl

        I know, it’s not the best tattoo, but it’s part of Marcus forever now, so what can I do.

        Top half ripped from some free online celtic art mixed with your henna; bottom part an edited version of your henna; and oooh look at that… I never finished the damn thing; so the current version’s incomplete. Marcus’ old skin has more to it. Oh and the dpi’s were ridiculously different so the arm’s tweaked upward and the resolution on henna turned way down… annnnd yeah.

        Well, I was going for the look of jailhouse tat. It’s supposed to be … uh. Crude. There might actually be a brand under all that, who knows.

        That bracelet helps a lot. I don’t think he’s gonna take it off.

        Marcus was a giant dick about trying things on in Aether Suite so I need to take him someplace more congenial… and a lot brighter.

        Oh, and not the beach again, he says.

        I may need to find another dress-wearin’ model.

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