Mini Mod Download #1 – Key to My Heart (NWS for boob)

Ever wish your character could give their spouse or significant other in general something specific to show their connection beyond a ring which they may or may not wear because Skyrim’s AI sucks donkey dick? How about a matching pair of pendants in the vein of friendship necklaces, but perhaps with a deeper meaning?

When I first started learning Blender, the first from-scratch thing I made was this, Key to My Heart. Like Scoundrel, it was crude and really not that great. But I had been wanting to redo it with better skills, and in light of my recent bitch fit about Fox, I figured what better time than now??? The key is modeled after a key from a Pokemon game I thought was cute. That’s about all I know of Pokemon except that I have an Eevee from Build-a-Bear because it’s also cute and that’s pretty much my standard for most things.

At the forge you will find jewelry recipes for the following (screens below):

  • A heart pendant with a keyhole
  • Five key pendants with gemstone settings

Each pendant requires a gold ingot, and the keys all require a flawless version of the corresponding gem that is set into the one you want.

That’s it! And also a Clavicus screenshot because I’m a mean and awful person.

Oh, right. This is #1. Number two will come tomorrow. It’s nothing to go “wowzers” over, but I think you’ll like it nonetheless šŸ™‚





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    • RefurbMadness

      Yeah I’m kind of a bitch for doing that lol

      Thanks on the chain. Was going for something else, but this works, too. šŸ˜›

  • jumarbye

    This looks great! I suppose they’re enchantable? (“Thanks hon for the really nice necklace that shows our deep devotion to each other – d’ya mind if I enchant it for, um, better potion skills?”) lol

    Thanks! šŸ™‚

    • RefurbMadness

      They sure are…but honestly I think it’s less insulting to enchant a gifted piece of jewelry than to DISenchant one x3

      I’m that dick that, when Balgruuf gives me that axe and that armor, I’m just like, “Cool thanks, I’m just gonna walk five feet that way and do something with the enchanter that has nothing to do with the enchanted items you so generously gave me. ESPECIALLY not the thing symbolic of your city!”

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