Zephyr in the Underforge (NWS) Or: I’m sorry I missed a deadline

Yeah one thing I had to do for today’s mini mod went sideways and I’m just too tired to get it done before it’s no longer “tomorrow”. I’ll have it done as a Halloween (but not really related to Halloween) present; there’s only a couple tedious things left, but Zephyr had been ready to model, and he has been sadly neglected for quite some time, so I gave him some exercise. Mostly it’s been a while since I just straight took screenshots with no real theme or reason, and it was nice to just take my favorite artsy guy and get him into a dark sort of setting.

So here he is, hope you like them! ENB is Bloodborne Old Hunter, which I highly recommend. See you tomorrow!


    • RefurbMadness

      That’s actually the “One Ring” inscription lol It does not fit him at all, character-wise, but it looks cool and is a decent placeholder until I get off my ass and give him custom ink. He’s a devout worshiper of Hircine so I’ve got an in-progress full-body work that’s Medieval forest and animal depictions. Kind of like the Unicorn Tapestries but mostly stags and wolves and lots and lots of yew.

      Anyway, very glad you like him 🙂 I need to pay him more attention, poor guy.

  • jumarbye

    Zephyr’s looking amazing! Um, miss as many deadlines as you like if you’re going to give us gorgeous screenshots for consolation XD

    • RefurbMadness


      I think that could turn into a conundrum pretty quickly. Is the set because of a missed deadline? Was the missed deadline a ploy? Chicken? Egg? lol

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