Mini Mod Download #2: Royal PJ’s for SoS

Sorry about the wait! Now, thanks to a lot of cursing and throwing things, your boys can be nice and comfy ’round the house or even out blasting things with magic stuff if they hate clothes but don’t wanna be completely cold and naked.!

Ultimately, this is a variation on my Saturalia outfit from last year, the differences lying mostly in the trim. Instead of fur hemming, there’s fur trim around the wrists, and a thick fur collar held together by a chain. The fur has been shell textured, which means it’s fluffy, although some furs are not as fluffy as others, based on the actual texture of the fur. 

This started as a quick and easy outfit to put my Valgus replacer in ages ago. But recently I decided Valter, a recently-introduced character, needed something, too. So I gave him a recolor. And then I thought, boy, wouldn’t Tauryon like one? Dang, I bet Rei would like one… So now there’s a handful of colors and I figured I should share because why not! The world needs more fluff.

There’s only a few colors and fur combos. If you have a request for a new one, tell me! I want a small vault. I will not rest until I have all the colors! Also there are no bespoke GO files as of right now. This was a silly thing I had no huge plans for, but now I do want to grow it, and feedback is appreciated. For this reason I didn’t bother with a BSA but if y’all want one I can make it.



  • Right now the only way to obtain these is via console or AddItemMenu.







  • Do what you want with this, just please link back, either to the blog itself or to this page, specifically.



  • VectorPlexus, Belisario for SoS body




  • jumarbye

    Divine….yummy. Thanks!

    I prefer loose files – it’s easier to mess with stuff in TESEdit and make leveled item lists and what-not. 😀

    • RefurbMadness

      Some like ’em packed, some like ’em loose 😛 I’m a dirty ol’ centrist when it comes to archives and loosies lol

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