In the Garden, by the River (Valter & Vittoria pics, NWS)

I have a bit of an origin story written, but it’s becoming clear that it needs some time to simmer, so I’m letting it simmer. I can always take more pics 😉

They live a quiet life near Lake Ilinalta, a bit adjacent to the goings-on of ESV, but not really part of them. Friends since childhood, they’re rarely out of each other’s sight, and, being that they like their life of solitude, they’re rarely out of each other’s arms. They stepped out for some fresh air. A storm was rolling in, you see, and Vittoria loves the smell of pending rain. Valter does, as well, but he also just likes being nude outdoors with his soulmate…


    • RefurbMadness

      I think this particular ENB really brings out the olive that I didn’t know was there. Not that I’m complaining, mind, it was an interesting change from the way he looked indoors.

  • jumarbye

    What a coincidence! I like them being outside nekkid, too!

    They’re such a cute couple <3 <3

    And…. regarding the last pic:
    Valter: "No, no Vittoria! You're rubbing the wrong head!" lol

    It's Friday night & I'm finally home and in my PJs eating pizza, so I'm enjoying their little show. 🙂

    • RefurbMadness

      I dunno about Vittoria, but Valter can certainly give Sabrael a run for his money lol

      Pizza and a show! I’m down 😛

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